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Elena and McGrath work cozily in his office. The phone rings, and McGrath calls the person on the other end "sweetheart." Elena gets up and puts her coat on. McGrath hangs up and explains that it was his daughter. Elena asks how old she is, and McGrath says she'll be thirteen on Friday. McGrath says that his assistant comes back tomorrow, and that she'll be impressed with Elena's filing system. Elena says it's simple, and says she'll see him in class. She slowly gets her bag and then asks McGrath if he'd like to go out to dinner sometime. His response: "Oh." Elena stands there. Finally, McGrath says that he's very flattered, but he doesn't think it's a good idea. Elena says she understands and leaves. When she gets in the hall, she makes a face like, "I'm such an idiot."

Ben walks into Epstein Bar. Lynn greets him and says that Barry's been calling him all day. Ben says it's not a big deal. Lynn says he's been in situations where he felt lost and acted like an idiot, too. He starts to give Ben some advice, but then Barry pops up and asks Ben where he was today. Ben says he had to work so he couldn't take care of any of the guys on the list. Barry says that's not what he heard. Barry asks Lynn why he's serving Ben, since he doesn't pay up. Ben gets all pissed and gets in Barry's face. Lynn tries to break it up by telling Ben to sit down. Ben tells Lynn to stay out of it. Barry snidely says that Ben likes to fight his own battles, but that he doesn't mind losing other people's money. Ben grits his teeth and then tells Lynn he's going to go. Barry blocks his exit. Ben asks Barry to get out of his way. Barry keeps sidestepping in order to stay in Ben's path, so Ben grabs him and shoves him down. Everyone in the bar laughs. Barry stands up and asks Lynn for the phone. Lynn tries to make excuses for Ben, but Barry's not having it.

Felicity watches as Booger struggles to sweep up a dish. She finally suggests that he just pick it up. That clearly never occurred to him. The phone rings. Julie asks Felicity if Ben is there. Felicity says he was, but that he left early, and asks if everything is okay. Julie emotionally says that Ben was at Epstein Bar and got in a fight with some guy, and Lynn said the guy called his frat buddies and thinks they might do something to Ben. Felicity asks if Ben is at the loft. Julie says that Sean is waiting there, and Lynn went out looking for him. Julie wants to go look too, but not alone. Felicity says she'll be right there. Julie sighs and thanks her. Felicity grabs her things and asks Booger to close out for her, meaning that he should finish counting the receipts, set the alarms, and lock the doors. Booger says he can't. Felicity says it's an emergency and that she knows he can do it. Booger agrees to do it without any enthusiasm and with a great deal of fear.

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