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FVO says that when she went to bed, there was still no word from Ben, and it had been almost twenty-four hours. There's a knock on Felicity's door as she sleeps in her bed. She turns on her light and looks her clock, then opens the door. Ben stands there, bruised and beaten. Felicity asks if he's okay, and he asks if he can come in. She lets him in. Ben looks at himself in the mirror and sighs. Felicity asks if he's called Julie or Sean yet. Ben thinks they don't want to talk to him and he doesn't blame them. Felicity says he's wrong, and that he should go over to the loft. Ben says he will, but that he wants to hang out with Felicity for a while. Ben sits on Felicity's bed and she sits next to him. Where is Meghan? Ben says that lately he's noticing that he's turning into his dad. He adds, "I'm just a guy who gets in fights every time I get pissed off." Felicity asks if his parents know what's going on. Ben says his dad hasn't called him in months, and that his mom calls all the time now that she left his dad. Felicity asks if he's told his mom that he needs to borrow money. Ben says he can't. Felicity doesn't understand. Ben says that his mom finally left his dad and has a chance to be happy for the first time in her life, and that if she knew what was going on with Ben, she would be so worried. Ben says, "I've screwed up her life enough." Felicity thinks that maybe he should let her worry, and maybe he should let his mom be his mom and take care of him and worry about him. Ben doesn't know.

Ben slowly walks down the hall to the loft. He opens the door and enters. Sean is sleeping in a chair with his hand on the phone. Julie is sleeping on the couch, and she wakes up and looks at him. Lynn is sleeping on another couch. Julie walks over to Ben and softly touches his face. He reaches down and hugs her tightly. Lynn and Sean wake up and walk over to them. Ben and Sean do the manly clasp-hands-and-pat-backs hug.

Later, Ben lies in his bed. He sits up suddenly and dials the phone, calling his mom. He tells her that he's actually not doing that well, as the picture fades to black.

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