Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

I have to give a shout-out to my esteemed partner Mick. Go Mick!

Previously on Felicity, Felicity kissed Greg when he told that the university is going to allow the Health Centre to dispense the morning-after pill again. Sean got the go-ahead from the Independent Film Channel to resuscitate the Docuventary. Ben told him he won't be in it again.

The show begins in the loft and we're getting the camcorder view of Sean introducing himself for the Docuventary. He has grown a cheesy, 1970s porn star moustache. Eww. Richard, that annoying guy from past episode, is helping Sean. Richard interrupts Sean's introduction to tell him that he looks fat. Yeah, he looks like a fat 1970s porn star, but Richard doesn't mention the porn part. Sean tells him to pull back, which Richard does, but Richard still thinks Sean looks fat. Ben arrives and Sean tries to cajole him into participating in the Docuventary. Ben says he doesn't like being interviewed. Richard assures Ben that it will be okay since he (Richard) is working with Sean now. Ben claims that he doesn't have time because he has to do a bunch of jobs in seventy-two hours to fulfill his community-service requirements. Sean offers to visit Ben at those jobs but Ben doesn't want him to. Ben storms into his room and slams the door. The videocam follows him and Sean asks if Ben thinks Felicity will participate. Ben doesn't think so. Sean asks him to convince Felicity. Ben presses his lips against the frosted glass in his bedroom door and growls, "No!" However, Richard and Sean are undeterred and have convinced themselves that Ben and Felicity will play ball. Sean still has the camcorder so Richard tells him to tilt it back and forth while he pretends to be suffering turbulence on the Starship Enterprise, doing crappy impressions of James T. Kirk and Scotty.

At Dean & Deluca, we get a camcorder view of Javier agreeing to be in the Docuventary, then declining when he remembers that the camera adds fifty pounds. Sean assures him that it only adds ten pounds, so Javier is back in. Sean goes after Felicity to be in his movie and she declines. Sean calls Felicity his "star" while he and Richard lie and say that Ben has already agreed to be in it.

In the kitchen of the school cafeteria, Ben is wearing a hair net -- still looking foxy -- and sorting and cleaning dishes while Richard and Sean film him. He threatens Sean that he'll "shove that camera up [his] ass!" I told you that Sean looked like a porn star! They tell him that Felicity has agreed to be in it. Ben doesn't quite believe them but he reluctantly agrees to participate and tells them to get on with it. Sean asks Ben to explain what he is doing. Ben says that he is doing community service because he and Felicity broke into the university pool, which is apparently "worse than committing murder." Sean asks what Ben is going to do with the rest of his life, besides drying the dishes. Ben doesn't really answer but he finds a retainer mixed in with the dishes. They're all suitably grossed. I'm sure grosser things have turned up on school cafeteria plates before, but let's not discuss menus right now.

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