Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

Back at the apartment, Sean asks Tracy why Elena is so competitive. Tracy says that Elena thinks she has to prove herself to everyone but he thinks that she "is the one person who doesn't have to."

Sean and Richard are working on the video again at the loft and they decide they need some emotion or tears in it. Ben comes home having completed his community service and he has an envelope with Knoll's name on it, which was turned into the Lost and Found office. Sean grabs the envelope and says, "I think we have our tears." Richard says, "Paydirt!"

Sean interviews Knoll again at the apartment and Knoll discusses how he is going to explain losing the exams to the professor. Richard hands the envelope to Knoll and smirks, "Let's just say we're not just documentarians, we're your guardian angels." Knoll thinks they've had the exams the whole time and he attacks them. What was that about tears again?

Javier's giving his assessment of Julie, on camera at Dean & Deluca. He thinks that she is cute but qualifies his statement with, "If I were not gay -- no, I still wouldn't like her, but she's cute." I say: Straight or gay, there's no need for anyone to imagine liking her.

Speaking of Julie, now it is her turn to be interviewed by Sean. Of course, since she wants to look good on camera, she wears a hat made of Astroturf for the event. Sean asks her what she is looking for in a guy. Julie wants someone who loves her "despite all of the obvious problems." She doesn't think she'll ever find that guy but Sean begs to differ. I beg for someone to mow her lawn.

At Epstein Bar, Ben is sitting alone at a table with his head in his hands. Felicity comes in and sits down at the table and asks how he knew about Greg. Ben tells her that Greg is trouble. Felicity is not interested in hearing that at the moment. Ben confesses to reading Greg's student file because he didn't trust him and now he knows why. Felicity scolds that Ben had no right to go snooping. He reminds her that she did the same thing to him. Naturally, Felicity says that was different because she was in love with him. Ben stares at her and Felicity suddenly realizes how he feels about her. Ben says, "You do what ever you want. I don't care," and leaves.

Felicity is on the phone at the Health Centre and Jim walks up and gives her a flower before leaving. Greg comes to the desk to say that he's glad she's back and plants a smooch on her. Felicity looks wistful as Greg walks away.

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