Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

Doug from the Health Centre is now working at Dean & Deluca. He is clearly holding a muffin on a plate but he tells a female customer that he thinks it is a bagel. Whoa, dude, are you a friend of Greg's from back when he was still using? Javier appears with an actual bagel and hands it to the customer. He tells Doug that he is going to introduce him to a mop.

Sean is in the middle of recording his closing spiel "to whom it may concern at the Independent Film Channel," when Ben stomps into the loft and slams his door. Sean cites the interruption as proof of the compelling drama they are documenting.

In an interview with Meghan, Sean asks her why she decided to become an RA. Meghan says it was because she lost a bet.

In the final interview scene with Javier, Sean asks for his opinion of Meghan. Javier ends the show with, "She scares me to death." I guess he didn't see Julie's Chia hat.

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