Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

Richard attaches a clip-on mike to Felicity's top and she slaps his hand away when it seems that he is getting a little too familiar. It seems that she and Greg have agreed to be interviewed by Sean. Greg has been shorn and now his hair looks like that of the old-school Ken doll from the 1960s, which is not much of an improvement on his Einstein's-theory-of-chaos-'do of last week. Sorry, getting rid of your awful hair doesn't endear you to me, Greg. While Richard and Sean bicker and set up for the interview, Greg asks Felicity if she kissed him the other day. Greg says he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it. Richard yanks the plug on one of the Health Centre's iMacs to plug in a super-powered light, which blinds Felicity and Greg. Greg begins to protest Richard's unplugging but stops when he realizes that the damage has been done.

Back in the cafeteria kitchen, we see Ben again through the camera's lens while he asks Sean if he is going to interview Julie. Sean admits that he is and Ben remarks that Julie should be interviewing Sean. Ben then wonders if Sean is ever going to tell Julie that he is in love with her. Richard wonders what they're talking about and Sean quickly and repeatedly says, "Nothing."

Over at Dean & Deluca, the camera is focussed on Javier, who is wearing a black, slightly pompadoured toupée, which makes him look like a gay, bespectacled Kevin Spacey. Can you imagine such a thing? I mean, Kevin Spacey wearing glasses? The idea! Sean says, "Tell me about Felicity and her friends." Javier fiddles with the rug and asks if it looks "stupid or fantastic," because it hurts a bit. Javier claims that Felicity is his "favorite" and he gushes on with lots of complimentary comments. He mentions that he and she are "autumns" which makes them "kind of like sisters." Aw, I'd kill to have a sister like Javier. Anyway, he's now on to Knoll except he kind of pronounces it "Knorll." While it still isn't the proper pronunciation of the name, since it is Javier, I can cut him some slack. If no one on this damn show is going to pronounce "NO-el," then "Knorll" is okay by me. Javier declares that he thinks Knorll is a bit of yum and that if Knorll were gay, then Javier's boyfriend would be in trouble, rent-controlled apartment or not. I'm sure Knollstrils will be thrilled to hear this admission.

Speaking of Knoll, he's about to give a test to his philosophy class. Naturally, Sean and Richard are there and we get to see them pan around the classroom. I can't imagine a university allowing that during a test, especially since Sean isn't even a student there. Whatever. In a one-on-one interview, Sean asks Knoll what he does. Knoll explains that he is a TA and that he assists the teacher. Omigod, what an educator! What an orator! He probably wrote a speech about speech writing back in grade five. Sean comments that Knoll went from being an RA to being a TA. Sean and Richard laugh about that while Knoll smiles weakly. Hey Knoll, that joke wasn't any lamer than your definition of a TA.

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