Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

At the Health Centre, a stereotypical, bleached-blonde, gossipy queeny dude, who looks like a cross between Joshua Jackson's character in Cruel Intentions, Harry "Hambone" Hamlin, and Terry Sweeny from early 1980s Saturday Night Live ["and is actually Alexis, for my mind the least loathsome of the Arquettes" -- Wing Chun], cryptically informs Felicity that their coworker Maureen is no longer working there. Instead of saying just that, he mentions missing time cards and sack lunches (hey, that movie was better than The English Patient!). When Felicity finally guesses that Maureen has quit, Bleached Boy tells her that she didn't hear it from him. Following up that bit of drama, he asks for Felicity's opinion on the Argyle sweater his sister gave him, which he is wearing. Felicity is politely non-committal, which causes Bleached Boy to rip it off and flounce away. WTF? Did David E. Kelley create this character? Ooh, let's check the GLAAD website to see if this character has turned up on their TV Scoreboard. Doubtful.

At Dean & Deluca, Felicity tells the camcorder that she really wants the job recently vacated by Maureen at the Health Centre since "it'll be good experience and more money and it'll look good on my résumé." Sean notes, "Last year you were straddling art and medicine." Richard pipes up, "Yeah, you were also straddling Knoll!" Sean admonishes him and Richard apologizes.

We switch over to Javier's interview where he is describing Ben: "He's like a sweet dumb guy, but he's -- the thing is -- the twist is that he's not dumb at all, he just comes off that way." Well said, Javier.

Speaking of Ben, he's now working at the Admissions Office. He looks into Sean's camera to state, "For the record that I really enjoyed working in the Admissions Office and that Leonora and I have a lot in common." The camera pans over to Leonora, who is an older, almost elderly, woman, sitting at her desk with her teacup and a bag of Fritos. Doesn't have a thing for older women? Hey, I'm older, and my name is even Maggie. I'm just sayin'. Sean asks Ben what his job at the Admissions Office is. Ben replies that it is to file confidential student files. Ben observes that there is "something screwed up with the system if someone like [him] has access to student files." Then the question, "And what do you want to do with the rest of your life?" is posed. Ben's grin begins to fade and before he can answer or make a wise-ass comment, the boom mike drops in front of his face, which prompts Sean to say, "Dick, Dick! I see more of the mike than his head!" Richard complains that holding the mike is hard. Ben asks about Greg and Felicity's interview. Richard comments to him, "You really hate that guy, don't you?" Ben admits that he does, but adds that since Felicity's hours are almost up at the Health Clinic, soon he'll never have to think about Greg again. Sean suggests that since Ben has access to the student files, he should check out Greg's. Ben smirks at the thought while Sean tells him it will make him feel a lot better. Is it a good idea to suggest this while the tape is still rolling? Is it a good idea to appear to be mulling over this suggestion while the tape is still rolling? My guess would be no.

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