Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

The camera is on Javier again at Dean & Deluca and he's talking about how he loves Elena because she's so sassy and he loves the way she dresses and "she rarely wears brassieres and stuff like that."

Cut to Elena and Tracy being interviewed by Sean and Richard, in Elena and Knoll's apartment. Elena, sans braids, talks about how she's wanted to be a doctor since she was six. Sean asks Tracy, "What about you?" Tracy answers, "Five." Sean asks what they are doing to ensure they get into good med schools. Elena states that she "ran blood drives, [she] took CPR courses, [she] entered a science fair, and last summer [she] assisted a professor here, um, Dr. McGrath." You "assisted" him? Is that what you call it? I see. Tracy says, "McGrath?" Elena defensively asks what is wrong with Dr. Feelgood. Tracy claims that he is "the prince of darkness, that's what's wrong with him. [He doesn't] like him." Tracy quickly asks Sean to cut that part. The interview is interrupted by a crash, which is Knoll bursting through the door. He is freaking out and looking for the exams he is supposed to grade. Elena asks if he's checked his backpack. Knoll snottily informs her that he has and she says, "Don't give me tone!" Well, her hair isn't as sassy any more but she can still put Knoll in his place. Knoll stomps into his room and slams the door.

At the Health Centre, Greg asks Felicity if she would go out to dinner with him the following night. He needs to know her answer right away since if she says yes, it will supposedly sustain him through a long meeting he has to sit through. Felicity questions the declaration he made a few episodes ago never to date again. He says, "Um, I'm asking you out anyway." That silver-tongued romantic! Felicity agrees to go out with him and Greg is surprised and excited. He tells her that she has the job and "swear to god" that her acceptance of his invitation had nothing to do with his decision to hire her. Felicity thanks him for the job.

In Epstein Bar, Elena and Julie are toasting Felicity and her new job. Felicity is treating them since she's about to come into some more money. Ben drops by the table and is urged to sit down and celebrate with them. Sean and Richard are there too, of course, and Richard bonks Ben on the head with the boom mike. Felicity invites Ben to stay and have dinner with them because she's paying. Ben wants to know why and before Felicity can say anything, Julie interrupts to tell him about Felicity's new job. Ben is less than enthused about the prospect but no one notices. He perks up a bit when Felicity tells him that she likely can't afford to quit working at Dean & Deluca. Geddit? He perks up? They work at a coffee place? That's all I got, people.

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