Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

Ruby is now being interviewed by Sean and Richard in her dorm room. Sean asks what her major is. She says it is Art History and feels she needs to explain why. Apparently, her parents took her to the Uffizi Gallery in Italy when she was a kid, and she saw the Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio. She asks if Sean or Richard have ever seen it and naturally, they have not. I was not familiar with the painting so I did a little research. The website I saw it at described it thusly: "[It] is characterized by the remarkable beam of light that reveals the candour of the terrified, howling boy's skin, while the angel blocks the hand of old wrinkled Abraham with an imperious gesture." Ruby describes it as "amazing" and "beautiful." Gee, it seems like those Art History courses are already paying off. What a critique! Anyway, I think the writers should have had her at the Louvre, admiring Caravaggio's Death of the Virgin. Ruby goes on to say, "I just love museums and one day I'm going to be a curator, but before I'm anything, I'm going to be a mother." Sean asks her if her pregnancy is something she wants to talk about. She responds, "Uh, no, not really. About one out of what, two thousand people I talk to actually understands why I'm doing this." Sean asks how her parents reacted and she admits that she hasn't old them yet, but she's going to Colorado next week to tell them because Knoll convinced her to do it. She explains that she never thought she'd do such a thing but "being pregnant changed something inside of [her]." Well, getting pregnant changed something inside of her, in any case.

Out on the street, Sean is interviewing Knoll and Sean asks whether Knoll and Ruby are still dating. Knoll tells him that they are not dating. Sean asks if Ruby didn't decide to have the baby, would he and she still be dating. Knoll smells the fart then says that he doesn't know and he goes off in search of the missing tests.

Felicity is on the phone at the Health Centre, talking to Lloyd and assuring him that he doesn't need the patch, regardless of what the commercial says, because he doesn't smoke. I think Lloyd is that hypochondriac dude from previous episodes. She is cheerfully winding up the call when Bleach Boy, wearing a way more hideous turtleneck sweater than the Argyle one, comes by and slams a stack of papers down on her desk. He then slams a filing drawer. Felicity asks him what is wrong and he sneers, "Just another manic Monday." She asks if it is something she's done and he informs her that yes, it is. She wants to know what it is and he says, "Let's put it this way, Miss Assistant to the Director of the Health Centre. I have work-studied here for two years." Felicity, clueing in, says, "You wanted the job." Not at all passive-aggressively, Bleach Boy says, "Well, I didn't want to not get the job. And now, apparently there's no room for me here. So, next Friday is my last day." Felicity counters with an incredulous, "What?" Bleach Boy sniffs, "I guess I just wasn't Greg's type, and storms off. Hey Bleach Boy, you should be thanking your lucky stars that you aren't Greg's type. Felicity stares after him, snapping at flies.

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