Docuventary II

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Docuventary II

Greg is in his office, stretched out on the couch, writing on a notepad. When Felicity barges in, he sits up and says hi. She tells him she has a question for him and he replies that he "had a great time last night." She says that she did too, then asks if he lobbied for her to get the job because he "likes" her. He says that he did. She tells him that Bleach Boy should have gotten the position because he is more qualified. Greg doesn't deny that fact. Felicity walks out and drags Beach Boy into the office and tells Greg that "Jim is the person who should be the Assistant to the Director." Jim says, "No, no, no." Greg asks him to give them a moment. Jim walks out saying, "Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah." Greg barks at Felicity for putting him on the spot. Felicity makes him repeat that Jim is more qualified. Felicity argues that she doesn't want the job now but Greg says it is too late, she already has it. Felicity wants to be a volunteer again and Greg informs her that she never was a volunteer, she was a "comm serv." It seems that the university limits the number of people allowed to work at the clinic, even volunteers. Huh? Felicity must take the job or leave the Health Centre. Greg whines that he had to do a "real hard sell" for her and she's being "ungrateful." He tells her that if she doesn't want the job, she should quit. Felicity decides to quit and she flounces out of his office. Now it's Greg's turn to snap at flies.

Back at the apartment, Tracy and Elena are being interviewed by Sean again. Sean asks whether college ever becomes overwhelming for them. Elena says, "No, not really." Tracy says that when he's "really stressing" he puts a stuffed rabbit he got as a kid into his backpack and that knowing it is there helps. Elena divulges that she had a nametag made up that says "Dr. Elena Tyler" and when she thinks she isn't going to make it, she rubs it and says, "Yes, I am. Yes, I am." Tracy confesses that he was kidding about the rabbit. Elena says, "You know, I've had enough of you," and walks away. Knoll comes out of his room and asks, "Hey, have you found my --" Elena shouts, "No!" and slams her bedroom door. Knoll turns his attention to Tracy and starts describing the envelope they were in. Knoll searches around his room some more and grimaces into the camera.

That frame is frozen and Sean and Richard are looking at it while editing in the loft. They start squabbling and Richard calls Sean "controlling." Sean lets Richard know that the project is not a joint one. Richard is miffed and they squabble some more. Ben arrives home and tells them that the old security dude turned out to be a cool guy who fought in two wars and who has a four-inch metal plate in his head that he let Ben feel. Ben asks how their "stupid movie" is going and they indignantly tell him that it is not a stupid movie. Richard blurts out that they now have a subplot, which is Felicity and Greg's romance. Sean tries to shut Richard up but Richard shows Ben footage of Felicity and Greg talking and saying goodnight. Ben leaves the loft in a huff.

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