Drawing The Line, Part II

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Drawing The Line, Part II

Knoll sits in the cafeteria with that guy with the freaky hair, and discusses his plans to grow a goatee. Felicity walks up and says that she needs to talk to Knoll. Knoll hopes she's not going to draw another line, but Felicity replies that she's serious. The freaky-haired guy gets up to leave, but not before advising Knoll against the goatee. Knoll asks Felicity whether she's okay, and Felicity replies that something horrible has happened, and that Knoll can't tell anyone. Knoll agrees, and Felicity confesses that Krakow raped Julie. Felicity looks like she's about to throw up. Knoll asks whether Julie is okay, but Felicity doesn't know. Julie is okay physically, but Felicity doesn't know whether she's going to "do anything about it." Felicity asks whether Knoll is trained to deal with this situation in his capacity as an RA. Knoll starts spouting off statistics about rape from his RA handbook, like "95% of all rape victims don't report their crime." It sound callous, but he's saying them in a way that suggests that he doesn't really know what else to say. Felicity tearily asks to borrow the book, because she doesn't know what to do. Knoll absentmindedly agrees.

Felicity sits in her room, making a tape to Sally. Felicity explains that she didn't even know Julie a few months ago, and wonders how she came to care about someone so quickly.

Cut to Julie in her room, stuffing sheets in a bag. Felicity knocks and enters, asking whether Julie is ready. Julie asks who will play her in the TV movie, and when Felicity doesn't answer, Julie apologizes and says that going to the hospital seems silly because she's fine. Felicity offers to go in with Julie, but Julie doesn't want that. They leave the room, but not before Julie glances back at her bare bed.

Julie talks to some sort of medical person in the most dimly lit hospital room ever. Julie explains how she knew Krakow, and that on the night in question, they were recording some music and then went to a bar for a few hours. Julie cops to having "a little buzz," and says that then they went back to the dorm together. Julie explains that they started kissing on the bed, but that Krakow wasn't being forceful yet. Julie goes through the mechanics of clothing removal -- his shirt, her shirt, his pants. When the pants came off, Julie said that she didn't want to rush it, and Krakow said that it was okay. Julie explains that Krakow took off her bra, and Julie said that she didn't want to have sex. The medical person clarifies that Julie used those words, and Julie says she did. The medical person encourages her to continue. Next, Krakow put his hand inside Julie's underwear, and she moved his hand away and said no. The medical person prompts Julie to continue, so Julie explains that Krakow was on top of her with his arms around her, which made it difficult for her to stop him, so she said no "five times, maybe more." Next thing she knew, they were having sex, and Krakow told her that he loved her. Julie, her story finished, says that she doesn't want to be melodramatic, because she didn't scream, or hit him, and Krakow wasn't violent, and he just left the next morning like nothing happened. Julie concludes, "You wouldn't call this rape, right?" The medical person calmly says, "Yes, you would." Julie looks taken aback. The medical person asks Julie whether they used a condom, and Julie says no. The interview continues. Whew! That's a hard scene to recap.

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