Drawing The Line, Part II

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Drawing The Line, Part II

Felicity continues making her tape, explaining that she went to Julie's room and spent twenty minutes just convincing Julie to come to lunch with her. Cut to Julie and Felicity in the cafeteria, where Felicity is proclaiming that her favorite part of college is "the unlimited giant bins of sugared cereal." Testify, sister! Julie guesses that Felicity is trying to cheer her up, and admits that it's working a little bit. Just then, Krakow walks up to their table, all smiles. He says that he's been calling Julie, but Julie makes the excuse that she's been busy. He asks whether she'll be around later, because he wants to show her the movie, and Julie says that she should be. Krakow awkward pauses for a while and then walks away, still smiling. Julie looks disturbed, and on the verge of tears. Felicity watches Krakow joking around with Ben in another part of the room. Julie tries to hold back tears and says that she doesn't know what's wrong with her. Felicity hands her a napkin and looks concerned.

Felicity and Knoll talk to Julie's doctor in her office. The doctor explains that most rapes go unreported, and that even those who do report rape rarely seek counseling. Felicity says that they're worried about Julie because she's shutting off. The doctor suggests using common sense (which I guess never would have occurred to those two) -- that they should listen to Julie and make her feel safe. Felicity adds that Julie keeps saying that she's fine, and the doctor retorts that Julie is not fine. Knoll asks about reporting the crime, and the doctor explains that if Julie reports it to the police, the DA might not take the case, because it was acquaintance rape where alcohol was involved, which is too hard to prosecute. Felicity asks about reporting it to the university. The doctor explains that Julie would file a complaint, write a detailed description of what happened, and then the dean would gather all possible evidence, including testimony from Felicity. Knoll asks whether Julie would have to testify, and the doctor continues by saying that the dean would meet with Krakow, and if the dean feels that there is enough evidence, the case would be passed on to the Student Conduct Committee; then there would be a hearing at which Julie would probably have to testify. The doctor acknowledges that it wouldn't be a pleasant experience, but opines that doing nothing is worse. The doctor concludes that reporting is important, but that it's even more important that Julie talk to someone about it, because "almost one third of rape victims contemplate suicide."

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