Drawing The Line, Part II

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Drawing The Line, Part II

Julie walks down the street and gets spooked by a passing car. Felicity joins her, and confesses that she went to Health Services. Julie is concerned that Felicity gave Julie's name, but Felicity assures her that she didn't. Felicity explains that she talked to a "really nice" counselor, and got some literature. Julie accepts the literature. Felicity suggests that Julie give the counselor a call. Julie says that she doesn't feel like she needs help. Felicity thinks that maybe Julie is too close to the situation to have perspective on it. Julie changes the subject, saying that she has to get to class, and that maybe she'll call later. Felicity mentions that Julie said the same thing about the police, but Julie is already gone.

Ben and Krakow play Need for Speed 3 on the PlayStation. Ben asks Krakow about his movie, and the agent who's coming to his class. Krakow says that the agent is coming next week, and that Julie's music helped his movie a lot. Ben asks how things are with Julie. Sean interrupts and asks how much they would pay for a disposable camera, because he's working on disposable camera vending machines, which is actually a good idea. Ben mocks Sean's idea, and Sean tells them that soon they'll be working for him, and he'll fire them. The door buzzes, and Sean answers. It's Darryl, Krakow's RA. Krakow is puzzled, and then goes out to meet Darryl in the hallway. Darryl asks what happened on Friday night, because he heard something about Krakow and a girl. Krakow doesn't know what he's talking about. Darryl asks point blank whether Krakow raped a girl. Krakow is stunned by the accusation. Darryl says that if the rumor is true, he will make Krakow's life hell, because while Krakow is living on Darryl's floor, he is Darryl's responsibility. Okay, this is the one false note in this whole story line -- the RA would not really get fired if one of his advisees committed a crime. It was a really clunky way to get Krakow to find out about the charges. Anyway, Krakow looks like he's about to puke, and Darryl stomps off.

Julie folds clothes in the dorm laundry room when Krakow enters. Krakow explains about the conversation with his RA. He walks towards Julie, who visibly shrinks from his presence and timidly says that she doesn't know. Krakow asks whether she told anyone that, and Julie says that she doesn't think so. Krakow gets louder, asking her to think about it, because it would be a pretty hard thing to forget. Julie says that she's confused. Krakow asks her whether that's what she thinks happened. Julie continues to mumble. Krakow says that he likes her, and that maybe it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a crime. Krakow starts blaming the victim, saying that Julie kissed him at the bar, and that he didn't attack her or rip her clothes off. Julie tries to get past him to leave the room, but he grabs her arm and pulls her back, asking whether she reported it, and if not, whether she plans to. Julie says that she doesn't know, and that she's confused. Krakow points out that if she does, he'll probably be expelled. Julie asks him to let go of her arm, and he looks down as if he didn't even know that he was holding it. Krakow repeats, "I didn't rape you!" Julie shoots him a look of contempt, and rushes out of the room.

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