Family Affairs

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Family Affairs

Ben, Julie and Sean eat dinner in their apartment. Julie says the turkey tastes weird, and Sean tells her it's "Tofurkey -- Tofu Turkey." I actually saw some of that at the grocery store the other day! Ben and Julie look like they are thinking of spitting the food out. Sean says the guy promised him it would taste the same, but they could "slather it with Smoothaise." You know what? The Smoothaise joke just officially stopped being funny. Cut it out. Sean observes that he thought tonight went really well, and they all laugh. Sean and Julie try to be supportive of Ben, and then they do a toast to Tofurkey.

Felicity and her parents walk down the street. Felicity says they can say something, and her dad says he needs to get the recipe for that punch. Her mom says she wanted to hit Annie, but that she was worried about the potential impact on Felicity's GPA. Felicity doesn't blame her professor, and she asks her parents to meet her for breakfast. As her dad hails a cab, her mom asks what's going to happen with Knoll. Felicity admits she doesn't know, but she looks pretty happy. Her mom tells her it feels good to be a part of her life, if only for a moment, and they get into the cab. Felicity starts walking down the street in slow motion again, except she really is in the middle of the street, and my boyfriend walks into the room (in regular motion) and asks if she's going to get hit by a bus like that guy last season. Instead, the credits roll.

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