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Family Affairs

Cut back to the opening scene. Mr. and Mrs. Porter explain that they wanted to surprise Felicity for Thanksgiving. Felicity introduces David who says he's "heard a lot about them." The Porters look puzzled, since they have clearly heard nothing about David. Mr. P asks if David is a student, and he explains that he's a graduate student in photography. Felicity tries to change the subject by bringing Meghan into the conversation. Mrs. P asks Meghan about being an RA, and Meghan says, "The hardest part is making sure you're really helping the kids." Hee! Meghan announces that she has to go start a recycling campaign. Mr. P asks Felicity to pick a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner and then her parents will "get lost so that you can do all the studying..." and he looks at David, "that you said you had to do." Busted! Felicity tells them she has plans with David for Thanksgiving. If my parents flew across the country to see me, and then I told them I had plans with a boyfriend they had never even heard of, they would...well, I don't know what they would do, because I would never do that. Mrs. P invites David along and Felicity tries to let her down easy, but David says he would love to come along

Javier (whee!) asks Ben if he would like to "make a lot...A LOT...of money, well, relatively speaking of course." As he continues to speak, he picks imaginary lint off Ben's shirt. Javier asks Ben if he is staying in town for Thanksgiving, and Ben is. Oh, look -- this episode was directed by Ken Olin. I loved him in thirtysomething and...well, that's about it. ["Kim, you didn't love him later the same evening in NBC's Y2K: The Movie?" -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Javier finishes by saying, "So I will be thanking you, for giving me, Thanksgiving, a little bit of your time, for this charity event." I know that sentence seems nonsensical, but when Javier said it, it made perfect sense. Ben says he was hoping to "kick back." Javier asks him what happened to "a little thing called work ethic." And look, throughout this conversation Ben is actually helping customers! I think that's the first time I've seen him do that! Javier says he is desperate and offers to pay Ben and any friends he can gather double the normal rate, "in cash, over the table," and Javier makes a gesture of passing cash over a table. Ben corrects him, "It's under the table." Javier shrugs and Ben says he will ask his roommates. Javier is all excited and says, "Do you know why I like you?" Ben says no and Javier says, "No, I'm asking." Then they both start cracking up and Javier leaves, and Ben does some more work.

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