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Family Affairs

Felicity is at Elena and Knoll's apartment. Felicity admits to Elena that she hasn't told her dad about dropping pre-med. Elena is wearing a sleeveless shirt. I hope their building is having a heating problem, because although we've been having a heat wave in the Northeast, it's hardly sleeveless shirt weather. Felicity says she might not tell her father at all. Knoll gets off the phone and tells them that Ruby won't be back because the lead actress in her movie "pulled her patella." Elena points out that the patella is a bone, and thus cannot be pulled. Even I knew that. Knoll looks confused and upset. Elena invites Felicity and her parents to eat at their apartment for Thanksgiving. Felicity remembers that David is coming too. Knoll points out that if David is having dinner with her parents, it must be serious. Felicity says they're not "serious serious." Felicity says she'll ask them, and leaves. Knoll asks Elena again about the patella thing and then goes to call Ruby back. Then we never hear about this storyline again, but maybe it will come up later in the season.

Julie and Sean are with Ben at Dean and Deluca. Julie suggests doing Thanksgiving dinner after the "thing tomorrow." Ben says he doesn't want to cook. Sean says he will cook, and asks if they knew you could deep fry a turkey. Before Ben or Julie can formulate a response, Javier comes out and says, "Thanks God [sic] you're all here." Javier needs them to sign an agreement. If you're paying someone under the table, is it wise to leave a paper trail? Sean tells Javier he needs an "exclusivity clause" whereby they put Smoothaise on every serving platter. Javier says, "Smooth-who?" Ben fills him in on Sean's condiment concoction. Maggie arrives and tells Javier she'd like to go over the plans for tomorrow. They walk away and Sean asks if this is her party. Ben says he had no idea.

Felicity is at Epstein Bar with her parents. Dad says her college hangout is "sort of a bar." Aren't most college hangouts "sort of a bar"? Felicity says that it's more like a café because there's food. She leaves out that it's also like a café due to the caterwauling performances of female folk singers, such as Julie. Her dad won't leave it alone, saying that it's more like a pub. Felicity starts shoving French fries in her mouth. Her mom says Felicity's hair is "a different look" for her, and she likes it, and also says that David seems nice. Her dad asks how old David is. Felicity answers that David is twenty-five and her dad notes that David is quite a bit older. Are we sure her dad wasn't a math major in college, and not pre-med? Her mom asks how long they have been going out and Felicity says a month. If it sounds like they are giving her the third degree, they kind of are, at least from Felicity's point of view. Her parents probably feel like they're just trying to catch up with her life. It shows how old I am that I am identifying with the parents more than Felicity. Her mom says that Felicity hadn't mentioned David and yet they made Thanksgiving plans, so they seem to be moving pretty fast. Her dad asks if she's keeping up with her studies and Felicity looks stricken and doesn't answer. Finally she blurts out that she dropped pre-med and launches into a long explanation of how she didn't have any time for her art. Her dad asks what is going on, since she made all these changes and didn't tell them. Felicity seals her fate and says, "There are a lot of things about me you guys don't know." Yeah, that'll get her parents off her back. Her mom asks what she means and Felicity tells them to forget it. Felicity stands up and says, "It's overwhelming sitting here and being judged about my life. I mean, this pub and my major and my hair and my relationship with David," and says that she has to go to work and stomps off in slow motion, as the music gets really loud.

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