Family Affairs

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Family Affairs

Everyone is sitting at the dinner table as Knoll comes out, followed a moment later by Felicity. Mrs. P gives a toast as Knoll whispers an apology to Felicity and suggests they discuss it "when the punch wears off, sometime in February." Mrs. Porter compliments Elena's storyline -- I mean, turkey. Meghan asks if she can keep the bones. Mr. Porter says he hopes Felicity gets special treatment in Annie's class since she's dating his son. Annie says curtly, "No special treatment" and everyone gets really quiet. David tries to break the tension by saying, "I'm working on it!" but it falls flat. Suddenly, Annie gets up and whispers to Felicity that she needs to talk to her. Felicity says, "Unh-unh" and shakes her head no, but Annie is clearly not taking no for an answer, so Felicity reluctantly follows her into the other room. Everyone stares after them and Knoll takes a sip of his wine in an effort to be nonchalant.

Okay, imagine this next scene happening in rapid succession. Felicity and Annie are in the bedroom. Annie starts giving her a lecture about David's having already had his heart broken once this year, and adds that she hopes Felicity has "the decency to be honest with him and tell him about you and Noel." Of course, David walks in just as she is saying "you and Noel," so he asks about it. Felicity says she had too much punch and she and Knoll had "sort of this little kiss." David echoes, "You kissed Noel?" Just then, Meghan and Elena walk in and Meghan says, "You kissed Noel again?" Mr. P comes in and asks if everything's okay. Meghan tells him that Felicity and Knoll "were making out or something." Mrs. P and Knoll appear, just to make the party complete, and Knoll says that Meghan's assessment is "a misread of the situation." Felicity apologizes to David. Annie jumps in and Mrs. Porter tells her to let them work it out themselves. David says it wasn't like they were married. Annie starts lecturing Felicity and Mr. Porter defends his daughter. Knoll jumps in to say it's his fault. Felicity finally asks for a second alone with David, and everyone leaves. Meghan goes out last, looking gleeful about the fighting. Felicity tells David that she's sorry and that she was going to talk to him later. David says he thought she was over Knoll. Felicity says that she is, and that it's not about Knoll. She tries to explain about last night, and David realizes it "totally freaked [her] out when [he] said the word 'love.'" Felicity says she likes him, and that she assumed they felt the same things. She just broke up with Ben two months ago, and she spent all of last year "following Ben or following Noel," and so like many other hour-long drama heroines before her, Felicity is going to pull a Kelly Taylor and choose herself. David says she could have said something before he made a fool out of himself, and Felicity is sorry some more.

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