Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

Previously on Felicity: Julie invited Ben on a date, and Ben agreed to go. Felicity asked Ben if he was using Julie to make her jealous, and Ben asked if Felicity was using Noel to make him jealous. Noel told Felicity that he doesn't know why she broke up with Ben, but it didn't work, because she's still in love with Ben.

Felicity sits in a restaurant and sadly contemplates an 8-ball key chain. Noel comes in and says that he can't stay long because he needs to get to his new job. Felicity asks about the job, and Noel explains that he's the new guidance counselor at UNY. Felicity nods and says, "Oh, right!" Noel asks what she means by that, and Felicity covers by saying that she's happy for him. Noel says that it's only until something better comes along, and Felicity promises him that something will; she says she knows it for a fact. Noel kind of smirks and Felicity backpedals, and then tells Noel that she wanted to see him in order to give him the key chain for his new apartment. Noel thanks her. Awkward pause. Felicity quickly says that she knows that they can make their relationship work, and that she really doesn't want to be with Ben because he's done terrible things to her. Noel asks about the terrible things, but Felicity says that she wants to be with Noel, and he has no idea what she's gone through to be with him. Noel shakes his head and then says, "I never thought that I would say this to you. Felicity, it's just not the right time." Felicity insists that it's the only time. Noel apologizes and starts to leave. Felicity stops him and looks around. She begins, "Noel, this is going to sound insane, but remember when I said that you have no idea what I went through to be with you? That's because I am not here like you think I'm here. I mean, I'm here, but I came from the future." Noel looks concerned and says, "Excuse me?" Felicity explains, "I traveled back in time so I could be with you." Noel laughs and looks around for the hidden camera. Felicity says intensely that she's serious, and that she left the future on the night of Noel's wedding. Noel is understandably confused. Felicity explains that Noel was marrying this girl named Zoe, who works at a graphics firm where Noel will be employed, and that Meghan did a spell so that Felicity could come back. Felicity realizes that Noel doesn't believe her, and looks dismayed at Noel's reaction. Noel says that he has to leave for work, and then babbles that he'll think over their conversation. He thanks Felicity for the key chain before leaving. Felicity stares off into space, wondering if she just made things a little worse or a lot worse.

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