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Felicity Interrupted

Julie stands on the street, studying a map. Ben runs up and says he was wondering where she was. Julie explains that she went to get the car. Julie has her hair in pigtails, which usually makes people look younger, but for some reason makes her look about ten years older. Julie says that she wanted to find Ben to say goodbye, because she's leaving. She explains that one of her girlfriends is going to meet her in Nashville, and that Ben should stay with Felicity, because Felicity needs him. Ben smiles. Julie adds that Ben wouldn't appreciate Dollywood, either. Ben asks her to send him a postcard, and Julie says that it was good to see him. Ben hugs her, and she leaves. Then there's a really unnecessary shot of Julie starting the car and pumping her fist for joy, and then Ben waves goodbye. Thank God. I was kind of nervous that Ben would end up with Julie for a minute. Not really.

Meghan is on the phone trying to cancel an order for some earrings from her imaginary boyfriend. Javier enters and asks if Elena's there; Meghan points him in the right direction. Meghan explains to the customer service person that she is both the sender and the recipient of the earrings, even though the card says "Paul Korsakoff," a name she made up. The customer-service lady tells Meghan that Paul Korsakoff has an account there, and Meghan asks for the spelling.

Javier hands Elena his elementary-school Spanish book, and tells her to ignore the love poems to his teacher, Señor Carlos. Elena chuckles, and leafs through the book. Javier tells Elena that he was fired from Dean & Deluca. Elena says that the polygraph tests aren't always accurate, but Javier explains that he was fired for getting a manicure, and being negligent. Javier thinks that he's been negligent toward everyone, and now he has "no job, no Samuel, and misery is [his] only friend." Elena hugs Javier and promises that he still has her. Javier asks if she really forgives him. Elena says that she does, as long as he helps her with her Spanish test.

Felicity and Ben study. Felicity asks Ben if he thinks that Noel is avoiding her, since it's late and he hasn't come by or called. Felicity decides to check her voicemail. Ben asks if Felicity is sure that he passes his classes, because he does not understand any of the material. Felicity scoffs and says that her dad called again, and adds that now that she's pre-med, her dad has her on speed dial. Ben asks if she wants something to eat, but Felicity doesn't. Ben leaves to get something. Felicity listens to the next message, and her face just falls. You know, "falls" doesn't even do it justice. She looks horrified, terrified, and a couple of other -fieds as well. She presses some buttons to relisten to the message, and then jots down a number. She dials the number and asks for Officer Trilling. She's patched through and gives her name. She turns her back to the camera as she listens, and when we see her face again, she asks, "I'm sorry. What?" She listens, and then starts crying. Ben walks back in and offers her some chips. He sees her face and stops, asking what happened. Felicity hangs up the phone and says, "Noel's dead." Ben asks, "What?" Felicity explains that she talked to the police, and that there was a fire in the administration building, "just like before, except this time he died." Ben asks if they're sure it's Noel. Felicity tearily says that they want her to go pick up some of Noel's personal items. Ben crosses the room and hugs Felicity. Over his shoulder, Felicity looks distraught. The camera pulls out as Felicity clings to Ben.

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