Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

At her apartment, Meghan takes pictures of some flowers. Felicity walks in, and Meghan says that she borrowed Felicity's camera for her Photography class. Felicity -- still stunned from her conversation with Noel -- says that it's fine. Meghan asks what's wrong, and Felicity says that she just destroyed five years of friendship with Noel. Meghan points out that Felicity has only known Noel three years, but then remembers "those wacky time-travel years." Felicity tells Meghan about her conversation with Noel, and Meghan advises Felicity not to go around blabbing about her time travel to people. Felicity tells Meghan that she has to go back to the future, and begs Meghan to find an alternative to Korsakoff. Meghan holds up a finger and stands up. She picks up a book from the bookshelf. Some people on the forums thought that the book's cover changed when Meghan passed her hand over it, but it didn't -- it looks like they changed the speed of the film, or slowed down the film, or something weird, though. Anyway, Felicity wants the book. Meghan tells Felicity that it's "hardcore Wicca," and she's not sure if Felicity can handle it. Felicity says that she's desperate, and asks where they can set up the spell. Meghan refuses to be involved, and hands the book to Felicity, who starts paging through it.

Julie and Ben are in the loft, looking at a map. Julie asks Ben what his favorite place was when he drove across the country with Felicity after freshman year. Ben says, kind of sadly, that the whole trip was nice. I'm still mad that we didn't get to see any of that trip. Julie says that she can't wait to go to Dollywood. Ben rips on her for liking Dollywood, and Julie defends her choice as she peers at the map. Ben shakes his head and says that his road trip with Felicity was a really long time ago. Julie agrees. They look at each other, and Ben says that he was just thinking he should go with Julie on her cross-country trip. Julie asks about his classes, but Ben says that the pre-med thing isn't working out. Julie asks if he's going to drop out, and Ben says that he'll come back when he knows what he wants to do. Julie says that she would love for him to go. No!

Noel walks into the loft and asks what Ben and Julie are up to. Julie smarmily says that they are planning a road trip. Noel asks Ben if he can talk to him. They both stare at Julie until she gets the hint. She leaves to go talk to a guy about a car for their road trip. Once she's gone, Noel asks Ben if he's talked to Felicity lately. Ben hasn't. Noel sits down and says that he thinks Felicity is doing drugs. Ben laughs. Noel says he's not kidding. Ben can't believe that could be true. Noel tells Ben that Felicity thinks that she traveled back in time. Noel explains what Felicity said, and Ben says that Felicity must have been joking. Noel says that Felicity wasn't joking, and that there's something seriously wrong with her.

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