Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

Felicity sits in an office, talking to a scary, official-looking woman dressed all in gray. Felicity says that her friends talked her into coming there. Gray Woman asks what's going on. Felicity says that Gray Woman will think she's crazy, too. Gray Woman is silent. Felicity says that she might be able to talk about it hypothetically, and Gray Woman agrees. Felicity says that she might think that she traveled back in time, and wonders what Gray Woman would say. Gray Woman thinks that it would be very scary, and wonders how it would affect Felicity's life. Felicity says that it's affected everything. Gray Woman wants to know how. Felicity says that at first it was kind of fun, knowing what would happen, but now she's in a panic. Gray Woman wants to know more. Felicity says that she wants to get back to her real life. Gray Woman says that she might be able to help, and she takes out a pad and paper.

Julie walks into the loft. Sean asks if she's getting ready for her road trip, and says that he thinks it's great that she's doing this, since she's wanted to do it since freshman year. Julie asks Sean if he's okay, and Sean says that he is. Sean asks what Julie thinks of Paul. Julie hasn't met him yet. Because he doesn't exist! Sean guesses that Paul is rich and good-looking. Julie says again that she doesn't know. Sean wonders why he would try to compete with a rich, good-looking guy. Julie says that she heard that Sean and Meghan were really good together. Sean thinks, and then admits that they were, until he wrecked it. Julie says that if Sean was lucky enough to find someone great, he shouldn't let her go. Thanks, Pink Power Ranger. Should anyone really be taking relationship advice from Julie?

Ben and Noel wait in the lobby of the loony bin. Okay, psych ward, whatever. Gray Woman comes out, and Ben asks about Felicity. Gray Woman says that Felicity is fine, but that they want her to stay for a few days for observation. Can she be hospitalized without her permission? She's an adult. Maybe she agreed to stay. Should someone call her parents? Ben asks to see her, and Gray Woman says that he can. Ben asks Noel if it's okay, and Noel says it's fine.

Ben walks into Gray Woman's office, where Felicity sits, still kind of shocked. Felicity says that they think she's crazy. Ben puts a hand on her arm and says that they just want to watch her for a while. Felicity asks Ben if he believes her, or if he thinks she's sick. Ben says that he wants to believe her, but...and Felicity fills in, "It's crazy." Ben says the only thing that really matters is for her to get better. Felicity agrees that this might be the only way. She looks around the room and then admits that she's scared. Ben says he knows, and grabs her hand.

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