Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

Felicity sits in a hospital-type room, except that there is chicken wire in the windows. A nurse takes Felicity's shoes and jewelry. The nurse tells Felicity that there is no hitting, biting, or spitting. Felicity asks, "'Biting'?" The nurse explains that some of the patients get out of control, and sometimes they need to use restraints, but that Felicity shouldn't let that alarm her. Oh, of course not. The nurse tells Felicity that meals are served three times per day, and that there is a pay phone down the hall that she can use with her own money, or make collect calls. So now I know who all those stupid Carrot Top commercials are aimed at -- people in the loony bin. It all makes sense now. The nurse leaves Felicity, who looks terrified.

Meghan can't believe that Noel and Ben had Felicity locked up. Noel asks what they should have done. Meghan thinks that they should have supported her, since she wasn't hurting anybody. Ben points out that Felicity was dripping her own blood into a pot. Meghan yells that it was part of the spell. Noel claims that doing spells is "bizarre behavior," which is one of the signs of psychosis. Meghan says that it's like the Salem Witch Trials, and that they might as well have Felicity burned at the stake. Ben says that they were just trying to help. Meghan says if she's not smiling the next time they see her, she hopes they won't hospitalize her for depression. Meghan stomps out. Ben and Noel feel dumb. And yet none of them tries to get Felicity out of the hospital.

Felicity walks down the hall in the loony bin, and passes Zoe. I have to say that I totally did not see that coming. Felicity calls Zoe by name and asks what she's doing there. Zoe doesn't know Felicity, obviously. Felicity explains that they don't know each other yet, and introduces herself. Felicity asks if she looks familiar to Zoe. Zoe asks if they've met. Felicity says that it will sound crazy, but that Zoe is going to be engaged to a friend of hers. Zoe doesn't run away screaming, so I guess she's had a lot of interaction with the other patients and is used to people saying weird things to her. Zoe thinks that Felicity is talking about her ex-boyfriend, Patrick. Felicity says that she's not, and then starts spouting off facts about Zoe, and her father, and his business. Zoe wonders how Felicity knows this. Felicity says that it's hard to explain, but seeing Zoe is proof that Felicity's not crazy. ["I don't really see what that proves, but whatever." -- Wing Chun] Zoe excuses herself, looking a bit worried. Felicity says that it really helped her.

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