Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

Ben is sleeping in his room when the phone rings. He picks up, and Felicity says, "Zoe's here." She's really not helping in the "not crazy" campaign, is she? Ben sleepily asks who Zoe is, and Felicity hurriedly explains. Ben doesn't say anything. Felicity claims that seeing Zoe is proof. Ben is still silent. Felicity asks if he believes her. Ben says that he does, but that it might be part of the illness. Felicity says that she saw Zoe. Ben reminds Felicity of the criteria. Felicity asks if Ben thinks that Zoe was a hallucination. Ben suggests that Felicity talk to the doctor, and get some sleep. Felicity sadly agrees. Ben tells her that it's going to be all right. Felicity apologizes for bothering him, and hangs up. Ben Folds sings "The Luckiest." Ben lies in bed, staring at the phone. Felicity lies in bed at the hospital, also not sleeping, but crying.

Ben's phone rings. He answers it and says, "Yeah, this is he." He pauses, then looks very surprised as he asks, "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"

Cut to Ben bursting into Noel's room and waking him up. Noel asks why Ben is in his room. Ben explains that some woman named Lauren just called and told him that Ben's father is sick. Noel asks if Ben wants to talk about it. Heh. Ben explains that Felicity knew that this would happen. Noel says that there has to be another explanation. Ben asks what other explanation there could be. Noel says it's possible that Lauren somehow told Felicity first. Ben retorts that Lauren said she didn't tell anyone. Noel knows that Ben wants to believe Felicity, because he does, too. Ben says, "I think I do believe her." Noel tells Ben to sleep on it, but Ben doesn't want to. He starts to walk out, and Noel asks if Ben actually believes that Felicity traveled back in time. Ben responds, "Yeah, I guess I do." Ben walks out.

Zoe signs herself out of the hospital. Felicity sees what's going on; when Zoe sits down to put her shoes on, Felicity asks if Zoe is going home. Zoe is. Felicity apologizes for her behavior earlier, and says that she's been a little panicked. Zoe says that when she first got into the hospital, she was scared, too, but it got better. Felicity is happy to hear that. A nurse comes over and tells Zoe that her father is there. Zoe asks Felicity if "this guy Noel" is cute. Felicity says that he is, and that the two of them are happy. Zoe says that she could use some happiness, and she and Felicity say goodbye.

As soon as Zoe walks out, Ben peeks his head around the corner and whispers, "Hey!" Felicity stands up and tells Ben that it's so good to see him. Ben pulls Felicity back down, whispers the story about Lauren calling, and reveals that he believes Felicity now. Felicity is psyched. ["As it were." -- Wing Chun] Ben apologizes for putting Felicity in the loony bin. He glances around at the security guard, then takes his visitor pass off and clips it to Felicity's lapel. Felicity asks what he's doing, and Ben says that he's going to get Felicity out of there. He looks around, and then grabs her hand and leads her out in to the hallway. They walk toward the door, backtracking a few times when doctors or nurses approach. Finally, they have a clear shot at the door, and they make a break for it. They get out the door safely without being stopped.

An investigator gives Javier a polygraph test at Dean & Deluca. There's a dumb joke where Javier lies about his age. The investigator asks how long Javier was in the back room on the day of the robbery, and Javier claims that it was no more than a minute or two. The machine goes nuts. Javier wants to answer that question again, but the investigator refuses. Javier says that he knows that they will just beat it out of him and calls the investigator "Sipowicz." Javier demands that they arrest him, because he was getting a manicure in the back when the whole thing happened. Javier screams, "I'm guilty of vanity! Throw all the books at me!" and holds his hands out in preparation for being cuffed. The investigator explains that they just want to know if Javier took the money. Javier says that he didn't, and the machine is silent.

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