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Felicity Interrupted

Sean gives Meghan some silk flowers, because he explains that all of the flowers from Paul will die, but his will live on. Sean asks Meghan out to dinner, but Meghan claims that she has plans with Paul. Sean insists that Paul must be overcompensating for something, what with all of the flowers. Meghan asks if Sean thinks she can only get "one-ball losers." Mean! But ha! Meghan changes her mind and says that they should go to dinner together, but first she needs Sean to help her with her presentation for Photography class. She explains that Paul was supposed to help her, but he can't, because he has "an arm thing." Sean agrees to help. Meghan tells him to meet her at 3 PM, and then says enthusiastically, "It's going to be so much better with you there!" Sean looks happy.

Felicity and Ben sit in a coffee shop. Felicity says she feels like men in white coats are going to come and drag her away, but Ben promises that he won't let that happen. Ben asks what happens to them in the future, and why she came back for Noel. Felicity thinks for a minute, and then admits that Ben cheated on her. Ben is shocked. Felicity sighs that it's a long story. Ben says that he would never cheat on her. Felicity says simply that he did. Ben wants more, so Felicity explains that after she slept with Noel, Ben wouldn't forgive her, and he ended up with Lauren. Ben asks, "So I cheated on you with Lauren?" Felicity says that it was actually with Claire. Ben wants to know who Claire is. Felicity explains that they met Claire in Palo Alto, and that Ben followed her there after graduation to do their last year of pre-med. Ben is surprised to hear that he is still pre-med. Felicity laughs and says that's why she's been trying to tell him earlier that he should stick with it. Felicity explains that things started to unravel between her and Ben, and that she walked in on him and Claire, and that was the end. Wouldn't this be a good time for her to remember that Elena died, too? Ben doesn't know what to say, and Felicity says that it's not exactly a normal situation. Ben apologizes and says that she's there now, and he hasn't cheated, and he's not going to, ever. Felicity asks, tears in her eyes, "Really?" Ben promises. He puts his hands on the sides of her face, and they kiss.

Meghan stands in a darkened classroom with the following words projected onto her face: "Retribution: When Love Curdles. By Meghan Rotundi." She reads the title of her project aloud, and we see that Sean is working the slide projector. Meghan calls for the first slide, which is a picture of Meghan looking pissed. She explains that this was her, after her boyfriend dumped her for another girl, whom he hadn't seen in over a year. The class laughs. Meghan calls for the next slide, and Sean reluctantly clicks on. The next picture is of Sean, sleeping. Meghan says that this is her ex-boyfriend, sleeping alone, because the girl for whom he dumped Meghan can't stand him. Meghan uses a laser pointer to show where Sean is drooling on his pillow in the photo. The class laughs some more. Meghan calls for the next slide, and Sean doesn't respond, so the guy next to him grabs the clicker and hits it. It's a picture of Sean holding flowers. Meghan explains that it's her ex holding flowers from her imaginary boyfriend. Sean is shocked, but no one else is. Sean walks out, and Meghan follows him out into the hall, saying that he can't leave before the Q&A. Sean tells her that this was mean, even for her. Meghan asks, "And dumping me for Julie was nice?" Sean claims that it was completely different, because he didn't set out to hurt Meghan. Meghan tells him to go crying to Julie, except that he can't because she's going on a road trip with Ben. Sean tells Meghan to have fun with her fake boyfriend, and he hopes that they get married and have imaginary kids and run off to Never Never Land. Meghan hopes she does, so that she'll be far away from Sean. Sean says, "Not far enough for me," and walks off. Wow. Go, Sean. This Meghan presentation setup had a lot of promise, but I think it could have been a lot funnier.

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