Felicity Interrupted

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Felicity Interrupted

Felicity and Ben walk into Felicity's apartment. Julie, Meghan, and Elena greet Felicity. Julie says that Felicity looks good, and Meghan points out that Felicity was only gone a day. I wish we could see more of Meghan being mean to Julie instead Meghan of being mean to Sean. Not that it's Julie's fault. I just hate Julie and like it when people are mean to her. Meghan says that Noel is freaking out and calling all the time. Elena asks if Ben really busted Felicity out. Ben says that Felicity didn't need to be in the loony bin. Meghan says that she could have told Ben that, and did. Julie asks if Felicity wants food or drink, and Elena asks if she wants to lie down. Ben asks if everyone could give him and Felicity a minute, and they walk off. Meghan gloats to Julie that Ben is a sucker for a damsel in distress. Julie purses her lips.

Ben and Felicity sit on Felicity's bed. Ben says that everyone is just excited to see her. Felicity knows. Ben tells her that she does look good, and Felicity laughs. They look at each other for a minute, and then start making out. Woohoo! There's a knock at the door. Elena walks in with the phone and says that it's Noel. Ben thinks he should be the one to talk to Noel. Elena hands Felicity a plate of cookies or something. Noel asks Ben what he's doing, and points out that just because Ben had one summer of EMT training, he's not a doctor. We see that Noel is in his office. Ben tells Noel to calm down because it was the right thing to do. Noel says that the hospital wants Ben to bring Felicity back. Ben won't. Noel wants to talk to Felicity, but Ben won't let him. Felicity says that she wants to talk to him, so Ben hands over the phone. Noel says that he doesn't think this sounds like a good idea. Felicity says that she doesn't need to be in the loony bin. Noel just wants to make sure that she's okay. Felicity assures him that she's fine. A kid walks into Noel's office and says that he doesn't want to interrupt, but.... Noel tells the kid to give him a minute. Noel notices people running down the hallway outside his office, and an alarm goes off. He tells Felicity that he'll call her back, and hangs up.

Felicity tells Ben that Noel thinks she's crazy. Ben says that Noel is just worried about her. Felicity says that she has to go back. Ben asks, "To the hospital?" Felicity answers, "No, to the future. I can't stay here anymore. I mean, I'm in this world where everyone thinks I'm out of my mind." Ben reminds her that he doesn't think that. Felicity insists that she needs to go back. Ben asks why she can't just stay there, and points out that they can do senior year all over again. Felicity looks down. Ben says, "Maybe...maybe you didn't come back for Noel. Maybe you came back for us." Felicity stares at his mouth. Can you blame her?

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