Felicity Was Here

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Felicity Was Here

Ravel's "Bolero" plays as Felicity walks down the street. I'm just going to warn you that I love this episode and I love Felicity and Ben together so if you really hate them as a couple and hate girly squealing about how cute they are together, you might want to skip this recap. Also, since this is one of the few episodes on the first-season DVDs with a commentary track, I thought I would add in some trivia from the commentary at various points. And finally, this is the last Felicity recap I will ever do, and that makes me kind of sad! Thanks to all who read them and enjoyed them. And if you aren't watching Alias, you totally should be.

Felicity voice-overs (hereafter FVO) that she's been thinking about "that moment with Ben," and has come to the conclusion that it was mostly in her mind. Cut to Felicity at Dean & Deluca, staring off into space. Booger walks up and apologizes for telling her to get back to work. Felicity says he's right. Booger worries that he's not doing a good job in his new role as assistant manager. Felicity assures him that he's doing great. Booger says that she's the sweetest and that he hopes she comes back to Dean & Deluca to work next year. Felicity hopes so too. Felicity gets back to work stacking cookies, but she spots Ben sweeping up, and gets back to the staring. And boy, when Scott Speedman has short hair, and he's smiling, he is just devastating. Ben smiles back at Felicity and continues sweeping. FVO says that she's sure she was mistaken, and that she and Ben did not have "a moment" at all. FVO says that whatever happened has had the strangest effect, because it reminded her of why she came to New York in the first place, and what it felt like in high school when she was in love with Ben. Felicity kind of shakes her head and goes back to stacking cookies. FVO says that she knows what happened meant nothing, because if it was "an actual, genuine almost-kiss moment," then her life would get really complicated.

Commentary Trivia: The set of Dean & Deluca was actually an interior set, despite the windows that seemed to look outside. So you will never see a moving car going by those windows.

Ben walks over to Felicity and asks, "Okay, what the hell was that?" Felicity pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. Ben asks whether they almost kissed. Felicity -- all innocent, like she hasn't been obsessing about it for days -- says, "I dont know. Did we?" Ben says he thinks they did. Booger ruins it by coming over and telling Ben that Lori needs him in the stockroom, and then apologizing. Ben says it's okay. Booger adds that he really likes Ben's haircut. Hee! Me too, Booger! If it were up to me, this is the haircut Ben would always have. Although the buzz cut he had at one point wasn't bad either. Man, look at me loving the short hair. And yet, when I met my husband, he had hair halfway down his back. Go figure. But enough about me. Ben turns back to Felicity and sighs, then says that this could get really complicated. Felicity agrees. Ben walks off, and Felicity stares after him, realizing that she didn't imagine the "moment" and the implications of that.

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