Final Touches

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Meghan, Sean, and Richard are interviewing a male student for the beefcake calendar. Richard's questions are perfunctory, and he takes a Polaroid of the current shirtless candidate. Meghan gets up and flicks the guy's pecs and asks if they're real. He replies, "What do you think?" I think they're real and they're spectacular. She thanks him for coming in and tells him to call in the next person. Sean bitches at Meghan for feeling up the last guy and she asks, "Do you think I like looking at these guys?" Sean thinks she "loves" looking at them. Meghan states that she's doing it for the calendar. Next up is a young woman, Veronica. Suddenly, Sean's and Richard's questions are more animated and they chuckle over her responses, one of which is that she likes to "pray for world peace," which evokes an eye roll from Meghan. One of Veronica's dislikes is "loud people." ["When I first saw it, I thought she said 'black people.' I think mine is better, considering they wanted to make her annoying and unlikable." -- Wing Chun] Immediately, Meghan shouts, "Okay, thanks for coming in!" Sean and Richard protest that they have to see her in a bikini, so she removes her shirt to reveal a bikini top. They're both speechless, and Richard drools as he takes her picture. Sean tells her to pick a month, and she chooses June. They babble after she leaves and Meghan tells Sean that she's going to buy him a "drool cup" as a Chanukah gift. He denies fawning over Veronica, then blurts, "Don't get mad at me because she's hot!" Meghan storms off and Richard asks Sean what's wrong with them. Sean says nothing is wrong. Richard warns him to "act professional" because he's "creeping out the models and the president."

At an Al-Anon meeting, Molly says that James is using and dealing again, and that she's using, too. She knows it's wrong, but she can't help herself. When the meeting breaks up, Ben approaches Molly to admonish her for staying with James. She says that he's only dealing to get by and that he's promised that he's going to "get clean." Ben asks, "Do you believe him?" She says, "I have to, Ben. I love him," then walks away.

A videocamera zooms in on the shirtless torso of a young man. The camera pans down to his jeans-clad crotch and the guy asks, "Can you see me okay? I've got a really nice body." Meghan murmurs, "Oh, yeah, yeah. We can all see that." Sean charges in front of the guy, whose name is Joe, and tries to take the camera away. Meghan asks Joe what his major is and before he can answer, Sean states that she's spending too much time talking to Joe. Round four thousand of the Rotundi/Blumberg bout begins and Richard snipes, "You're bickering. You're like my parents all of a sudden. And believe me, when you meet them, you will not be flattered." I think it's safe to say that no one would be flattered to be compared to anyone in Bitchard's family. Tracy and Elena waltz in so that she can give Meghan her keys. Tracy and Elena flip through the Polaroids and she tells him not to look too closely. Elena leaves for class and Tracy seems pleased that so many girls want to be in the calendar. Meghan orders to Tracy to take off his shirt, which he does. She considers his fairly buff chest for a moment and then says, "You're in."

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