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At the girls' apartment, Knoll and Felicity are working on Loserville. Knoll tells her a few of his ideas, and then asks for hers. Everything Felicity comes up with, she's already mentioned before. He browbeats her and accuses her of not thinking that the project is important. She starts crying and he claims that the only reason he's being pushy is because they're facing such a deadline. Felicity says that she wants to get on with it and "get the stupid thing out of the way." Naturally, Knoll freaks when she refers to it as stupid, and he says he'll finish it himself, then runs out. It is stupid, and I think I'll refer to it as "Stupid Cartoon Premise," from now on. She goes running after him, and when she gets to the door, Molly walks through it. Molly cries, "Something's happened," and she wants to move back. Felicity says, "Okay," and closes the door.

At the loft, Knoll complains to Ben that "Felicity's not being a very good friend" because she won't drop everything to work on Stupid Cartoon Premise with him. Ben listens to him trash talk for a few seconds, then tells Knoll about Felicity's full schedule. Knoll is somewhat chastened and Ben admits that he told Felicity to abandon him. Knoll is less than impressed with Ben's advice. The phone rings and Ben answers it, then leaves in a hurry.

Molly, Ben, and Felicity are seated in the girls' living room, and Molly tells them that James pulled a gun on her in the hotel room where they're staying. She excuses his behaviour because "he was really, really high." Ben tells her there's no excuse for James to do that. Molly doesn't think that James will have realized that she's gone yet and she wants to go back to the hotel because he'll be angry if she's not there. They try to calm her down and she whimpers about not being able to breathe without him. When she says that she's worried that "something bad" will happen to him, Felicity informs her that something bad could happen to her if she goes back.

Sean and Meghan argue about the merits of the various candidates they've seen. Richard yells at them to shut up, because if he has to spend any more time with them, he'll "cut off" his head. Just for that, I want the Bickersons to keep it up. Meghan tells that Richard that their problem is sexual tension. Richard guesses that they haven't had "the sex" since Sean's surgery. "The sex"? He may have done the deed, but he isn't au courant with the terminology, is he? Sean and Meghan keep sniping until Sean storms out. Elena comes in when Sean is on his way out, and asks, "What's his problem?" Richard retorts, "His penis, apparently." Elena wants to know if Tracy mentioned where he was going. Elena hands her a Polaroid of Tracy and Elena flips out. She doesn't want Tracy to participate in the calendar. Richard tells her that he was the "best chunk of hunk" that they saw all day. Elena yells that Tracy is very religious and they can't "make a mockery of that." Richard promises that he'll write a "sweet" caption for the photo like, "a virgin -- proud of it." That does nothing to appease Elena because she thinks that "every girl in school will be after him" and she won't have a chance. Richard advises her to go talk to Tracy and she leaves in a huff. Has anyone in this episode left a room in a civilized manner? Meghan cracks, "It's not like he's going to have sex with her anyway." ["Under the circumstances, I'd think Meghan should keep such remarks to herself." -- Wing Chun]

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