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Ben and Molly are in the waiting room of the clinic. She's squirming in her seat, and Ben asks if she's okay. She says that James is probably looking for her everywhere. Ben predicts that he won't come to a rehab clinic to look for her, and that she's safe there. Molly laughs that she'd like to stay there for a couple of years, in that case. Ben brings up that fact that, despite what he knows about her from the Al-Anon meetings, he doesn't really know her at all. She thinks it's "ironic" that someone saying he doesn't know her is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her.

At her apartment, Knoll is grovelling for Felicity's forgiveness. She says that she should have told him what was going on and he agrees with her but admits he was sort of a jerk. That's the understatement of the year. She wonders if they can get an extension and he calls Professor Morrison to ask for one. Knoll is told that there's no chance of an extension, but he doesn't let on during the conversation. He tells Felicity that they have until Monday, instead of Friday. Then, he promises to her that she'll get an A on the exam, with his help. This course is the one that he "TA-ed" last year. She thanks him and gives him a hug. ["That was dumb. Why didn't Ben point that out to Felicity and suggest that she ask Knoll for help in the first place?" -- Wing Chun]

Tracy walks out of a classroom to find Elena waiting there, with her bitch on. She calls him a hypocrite for wanting to pose for the calendar, and he tells her that after what's happened, she doesn't get to call him names for "another hundred years." She rages, "You say you're all about your virginity, yet you flaunt yourself to the world?!?" Elena, honey, you can be a sexual being while still being a virgin. That's what he was doing during all those make-out sessions. Tracy says he's doing it for the good of the student fund. Elena is annoyed that he didn't even ask her what she thought of him posing. He reminds her that she isn't his girlfriend, she's just a friend. She shouts that she can't be his friend, and -- everyone say it along with me -- STORMS OFF.

Knoll is grilling Felicity...uh, I mean, "helping her study for the exam." Felicity whines that she's going to fail, but Knoll encourages her to carry on. James bursts in and runs down the hall to the living room. Knoll says, "You should lock your door," and Ben says he thought that he had. James demands to know where Molly is. Felicity says she isn't there and James yells, "If you're lying...!" Knoll jumps up and tells James not to threaten Felicity. Ben tells James to calm down and suddenly Molly appears to say that she needed some time to herself. James orders Molly to come with him, and she whines that she doesn't want to go. The situation escalates and then Ben says, "I'm sure you're a nice guy and you just want her to go with you, I understand that, but she...she just wants to sleep for a little bit. Why don't you let her sleep? None of us wants anything ugly to happen here." James considers that for a moment, then reaches into his inside coat pocket and pulls out a...cigarette. He lights it, looks around with his wild eyes, and says, "Yeah, okay." Too bad Richard wasn't there because I can imagine him saying, "We don't allow smoking in this apartment," and then James would have blown his head off. James orders Molly to "sleep, or whatever," says he'll see her later, and leaves.

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