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Felicity and Knoll are leaving the apartment to go study at the library all night, and she's worried about Ben's staying in the apartment with Molly, in case James comes back. Ben insists he'll be fine. Felicity tells him that she was really proud of the way he handled James. Ben admits that he was trying not to wet his pants at the time. He wishes her luck on the final and she leaves. He looks in on Molly, who is sleeping.

At the library, Felicity is ready to give up because she's exhausted and barely coherent. Knoll pushes her to continue studying because he has "faith" that she can do anything she wants, and he has felt like that ever since he met her. Then he tells her to focus because he's there "sacrificing what little time [he has] to study for [his] own finals," and not everyone would benefit from his largesse. He wants "this to be one of those nights [they] look back on when [they're] old," so that they can reminisce about the "all-nighter" they pulled. There he goes again, presuming that Felicity will even want to acknowledge his existence in years to come. He says that she's saving his ass with Stupid Cartoon Premise and he's going to save hers "with Western Thought." Felicity rallies and says, "Let's do it."

Ben is asleep on the sofa when Molly comes out, wrapped in a blanket. She tells Ben that she needs to break up with James, and that she has to do it in person. Ben cautions her against seeing James again, but she maintains that James would never hurt her. Ben thinks she should do it in a public place; he says he'll go with her, but stay out of the way.

Felicity is in a classroom, working on the exam, while Professor Jean-Paul Boyden hovers nearby.

Someone is pounding on the apartment door and Elena answers it to find Tracy. He's there to tell her that they can't be friends anymore...and takes her in his arms.

Knoll is sitting on the sofa at the loft when Felicity returns from the exam. She says that during the exam she kept hearing his voice in her head -- "it was annoying but helpful." She declares him to be a good friend and he insists that he isn't and confesses to lying about getting an extension for Stupid Cartoon Premise. By the time he says that they'll have to "pull another all-nighter," Felicity has fallen asleep.

Meghan, Sean, and Richard are seated at a table at Epstein Bar. Richard declares, "That's it, then. We've got ourselves a calendar." Meghan and Sean are less than enthusiastic and Sean sarcastically says, "It'll be something to tell the grandkids." Bitchard says, "Grandkids? That's a bit ambitious, dontcha think? Maybe you should get that little equipment problem looked at first." Sean begins to protest, but Bitchard ignores him and offers to leave the extra Polaroids for Meghan "for fantasies, in case things don't work out." She orders him to leave and he does. Sean flips through the photos and moans that he'll never look like any of those guys. They talk for a minute and both discover that they still want each other. They kiss, then Meghan looks down at Sean's lap and says, "Whoa. Hey, welcome home!" Sean suggests they leave, and they do.

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