Final Touches

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Let's Get It On

Ben is standing across the street, watching Molly meet up with James, while Macy Gray's "Still" plays in the background. Anyway, Molly tries to say goodbye and she chokes; tries to walk away and she stumbles. Though she tries to hide it, it's clear, her world crumbles when James is not near. Ben watches helplessly as Molly and James hug and walk off together.

Meghan and Sean and bask in their post-coital glow at the loft, since they both still light up like candles burning when they're with each other. They hug and the scene morphs from Sean and Meghan being in bed to Elena rolling off of Tracy. She enthuses, "Oh, myyyyy God!" and giggles like a Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak. It's all much too much for Tracy and he croaks out, "Mm hmm."

Just one more episode before that atrocity Jack and Jill reappears. Please note that MBTV will not be recapping it, so don't even ask. ["WORD." -- Wing Chun]

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