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Previously on Felicity: Noel went to visit a therapist and was prescribed medication for his depression. On Thanksgiving, Felicity told Javier and Meghan that Ben and Lauren were just friends. Later, Felicity returned Ben's call, but he didn't pick up the phone, because he was too busy making out with Lauren.

Ben walks down the street, wearing his regular green peacoat-style jacket. Felicity walks toward him, wearing her Michael Jackson red leather jacket and a stripy scarf that, while cute, totally doesn't match. ["I despise that jacket." -- Wing Chun] Felicity spots Ben and says hello. He stops and smiles back at her. They exchange pleasantries. Felicity notes that she is on her way to work, and that she hasn't seen Ben there in a while. He admits that he cancelled all of his shifts for the week. There's an awkward pause. Felicity asks Ben if he ever got her message. Ben looks guilty and then apologizes for not calling her back, since he's been busy. He has his O-Chem exam this week, and he's been studying every night. Well, except for that one night when he was having sex with Lauren. He leaves that part out, though. Felicity pauses, obviously disappointed, then assures him that he'll do well. Ben thanks her, and they go their separate ways. After walking away, Felicity turns and looks back at Ben, probably thinking, "So why did he call me and leave that cryptic message if he wants nothing to do with me?" Ben walks away, shaking his head, probably thinking, "I can't believe I slept with Lauren. Man."

Noel stands at a sink, having just finished shaving. He rinses his razor, and then grabs a prescription pill bottle and shakes out two pills that look a lot like Prozac. He gulps them down, and then places the razor and bottle in the medicine cabinet. He pauses for a second, then takes the bottle back out.

Noel visits Dr. Masur, who asks how the medication is working out. Noel says that the situation hasn't changed, but that things seem better. Dr. Masur asks him to be more specific. Noel struggles for the right words, and finally describes it as "clearer, like before [he] was looking through a dirty window, and now it's clean." Dr. Masur asks what is clearer. Noel says that it's clear that he needs a job, but that he screwed up his chance with his former employer. Dr. Masur asks if he still wants to work in graphics. Noel says he really wants to start his own business, but he "just keeps getting sidetracked somehow." Dr. Masur asks Noel what is distracting him, and reminds Noel that he said he didn't look for a job over the summer because he was spending all his time with Felicity. Dr. Masur suggests that Noel spend less time with Felicity until he finds a job. Noel looks a little upset at the prospect of his life without Felicity, and says that he doesn't know if he can do that.

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