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Felicity walks into the burned art studio, and finds Cavallo there. She walks over to her former paintings, now just pieces of black canvas. Cavallo says that he's sorry about her work. Felicity jokes that she's going to need an extension. Cavallo says that he liked what she was doing, and adds that "it's the kind of work that students in the Honors seminar do." He asks Felicity to join the seminar. Felicity is stunned, but quickly agrees. Cavallo cheeses, "Your pinata took another hit. Let's see what spills out as a result." He walks out, and Felicity smiles sweetly.

Noel packs up his office. Felicity walks in and asks where his new office will be. Noel says that he's just going downstairs, and asks if Felicity made the piñata she's holding, "because it's really realistic." Felicity says that she brought it for Noel, and then tells Noel that Cavallo let her into his class. Noel thinks it's great, and Felicity says that she's excited. She brings up what Noel said the day before, and wonders if they really aren't friends anymore. Noel says that they're still friends, but that he needs to change some things about himself. Felicity looks puzzled, and wonders why he wants to change, because she loves the way he is. Noel doesn't know what to say. Felicity supplies that he needs to get back on track. Noel agrees. Felicity thinks that's good.

Dr. Masur asks if Noel did it. Noel says that he thinks so. Dr. Masur asks what happened. Noel says he doesn't know, and that it was weird letting go of something that he thought was so important, but it doesn't feel right for him to wait around for her anymore. Good! That should clear the way for Ben and Felicity to get back together. And spell the end of mopey Noel. I hope.

Next week: Ben runs to reach Felicity at the airport and tell her that he loves her. Oh, God. It's my reward for suffering through all their angst this season.

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