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Felicity is working at Dean & Deluca, and chatting with Javier. Felicity expresses admiration that Ben has found something he loves, and is working toward his goals. Javier is upset that Ben has cancelled all of his shifts in pursuit of his goal, and points out that Felicity loves painting, but still didn't cancel all of her shifts. Felicity thinks that maybe she should, and Javier calls Ben "a bad influence." Felicity tells Javier that she feels bad that she hasn't taken advantage of the opportunity she has in working with Jeremy Cavallo to try to further her art career. Javier compares it to when he used to live in the apartment below Tito Puente, and he never introduced himself, and now Tito Puente is dead. Javier feels like he "wasted the opportunity of a lifetime." Felicity thinks this over, then turns and tells Javier that she's going to go show Cavallo her work and force him to let her into the Honors Art seminar. Javier is glad to hear it, and then asks Felicity to take over one of Ben's shifts. Felicity sighs, and then agrees to do it, but says that she can't take any more. Javier agrees, "Okay, no more. No more. And Monday?" Felicity walks off, telling Javier no.

Sean is bitching about some store that is refusing to sell Schmegan shirts. Meghan rushes around the loft, cleaning things up in preparation for the arrival of her younger sister. The buzzer rings, and Meghan rushes over and recites some weird rhyme in tandem with her sister that goes, "Hey you! Hey you! Hey you you you! I hate you! I hate you! Bye! Happy holidays!" Meghan buzzes her sister in and assures Sean that he'll love her sister. Sean is preoccupied with his retail rejection. Meghan keeps telling Sean how great her sister is. Sean wants Lila (Meghan's sister) to wear a Schmegan sock shirt, but Meghan isn't having it. Meghan opens the door, and finds a very pregnant Lila walking down the hallway. Meghan asks Lila, "Are you...?" Lila claims that she's just gained a little weight, and sarcastically thanks Meghan for pointing it out. Sean clears his throat, and Lila walks over and introduces herself. Lila congratulates Sean on blowing her parents' minds with the wedding, and then asks if there's a bathroom where she can freshen up. Sean points it out. Lila leaves the room. Sean asks Meghan, "Okay, is she...?" Meghan thinks that she is. Pregnant! Just say it!

Cavallo sorts through Felicity's paintings, as she explains each one to him. How come whenever Cavallo is on-screen, they play jazz? Cavallo compliments one of Felicity's paintings. Felicity realizes that they are good, but not great. Cavallo urges her to keep at it, and walks away. Felicity takes a deep breath, summons up some courage, and tells Cavallo that she wants to try to get into his Honors program again, and asks him to be "honest, brutally honest." Cavallo tells Felicity that she has "no cohesive theme," and that "the work should deal with a singular idea." Felicity tells him that he's right, and thanks him for being so helpful. She asks if she could show him the paintings again when she has a theme, and he says that he'll look forward to it.

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