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Professor Snark is going over what will be on the final exam. Ben diligently takes notes. Trevor is just sitting there, smiling, and not writing anything down. Moments later, the two guys walk out of class. Trevor says that he just wants to pass the test. Ben asks when he wants to get together to study. Trevor says something about Elena, but Ben insists that it should just be him and Trevor, because Elena is a distraction for Trevor. Trevor promises that they will behave, and Ben agrees very seriously that they need to focus. Trevor laughs and asks Ben when he got so uptight. Ben doesn't laugh.

Noel walks out onto the street, holding a bunch of papers, and looking at his watch. Some random guy runs into Noel, knocking all of the papers to the ground. Noel stoops to pick them up, and suddenly Felicity is there, helping. Oh. Felicity has her hair in a braid in the front, which is kind of cute, but kind of Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose all at the same time. Felicity asks what is on the paper, and Noel insists that they are just ideas. They all say "Noel Crane Graphics." Noel continues to downplay their importance, but admits that he wants to start his own business. Felicity thinks that is great, and then shares that she's trying to get into Cavallo's program again. Noel tells her to try to get Cavallo's input. Felicity says that she already has. Noel offers to help in any way that he can.

Cut to Noel at his therapist's office, complaining that he's "saying yes to questions that she hasn't even asked yet." The therapist asks why that is, and Noel guesses that he wants Felicity to be happy, because that makes him happy. Because they're friends. The therapist reminds Noel that being with Felicity seems to get him off-track. Noel realizes that he needs to stop doing that. I don't know how many sessions these two have planned, but maybe instead of concentrating on Felicity, they should work on Noel's people-pleasing problem in general. Then again, I still don't really care about this storyline in general, so I guess I should be glad they're tying it in to Felicity somehow.

Meghan walks into the bathroom, where Lila is running water in the sink. Meghan gently notes that Lila has been in there for a while, and asks if everything is okay. Lila says that her sweaters "reek of pot." Meghan is shocked that Lila has been getting high; Lila blames it on her roommate's smoking habit, and then accuses Meghan of turning into their mother. Since that's probably Meghan's worst nightmare, she looks a bit shocked, but quickly recovers and gives Lila the "I'm your big sister and you can tell me anything, because I'll help you no matter what" speech. Lila doesn't admit anything. Meghan insists that she'll be there for Lila, who looks up and begs, "You can't tell Mom and Dad." Meghan doesn't want to make that promise, but she eventually does, and Lila hugs her.

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