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Felicity lies on her bed and looks through some reference books. She stops, places a book on her desk, and then consults the Magic 8-Ball. Apparently, she got the answer she wanted, because she smiles and takes off. Meanwhile, Noel is working late in his office, eating Chinese food. Felicity shows up at his office, and asks if she can come in. Noel agrees. Felicity sits down at his desk and asks what he thinks about piñatas. Noel uncertainly says that he likes them. Felicity explains that she was looking in the dictionary for inspiration for her paintings, and she settled on piñatas because "they're colorful [and] they're full of surprises which you only get to see what's inside them after they've been knocked around a little." Felicity confesses that she has kind of felt like a piñata this year, then asks Noel what he thinks about using it for a theme for her artwork. Noel thinks it's fine. Felicity thinks that he hates it. Noel says that there is "emotional stuff" going on. Felicity assumes that he's talking about her paintings, and Noel clarifies that he was "sort of talking about [himself] this time." Felicity looks puzzled. Noel tries to explain, and Felicity realizes that he's trying to start his business. Noel says that it's not just the business; he's trying to get his life back on track. Felicity heaves a big sigh and asks what he's saying. Noel swallows and says that he's not sure. Felicity nods and says, "That maybe we shouldn't be spending time together." Noel says that he loves spending time with Felicity, but that he just can't right now. Felicity agrees. Noel says that he should get back to work, and Felicity slowly grabs her bag and walks out. Noel calls out that he likes "the piñata thing." Felicity leaves, and Noel looks after her, seemingly unsure if he's doing the right thing here.

Ben, Trevor, and Elena are having a study session. Or rather, Ben is trying to study while Trevor and Elena flirt outrageously. Ben, disgusted, picks up his things and says that he's going to the library. Trevor chases Ben out of the room and asks what's going on. Ben says that he can't be the only one in the room who wants to focus. Trevor claims that there are other things besides studying in college. Ben says that there aren't for him. Trevor can't believe that Ben is that upset about it, but Ben walks away.

"Sweet Girl" by Natalie Hemby plays as Felicity walks towards the art studio carrying a piñata in a bag, passing Noel's door on the way. She looks in, but doesn't stop. In the studio, Felicity listens to music on her headphones while she stares at the blank canvas. She finally picks up a brush and starts painting.

Meghan looks through the telephone book while Lila eats something from a bowl. Meghan suggests a doctor they can see, and Lila thanks her for helping her "take care of this." Meghan wants to know what Lila means. Lila says, "I know some people think it's a sin, but I'm in high school; I'm not going to have a baby." Meghan points out that Lila is fairly far along in her pregnancy, and doesn't have any other options besides having the baby. Lila looks shocked, but doesn't say anything. Meghan suggests calling their parents. Lila doesn't want to. Meghan says that their parents will find out eventually, since Lila is on their insurance. Lila wants Meghan to pay the doctor, and Lila will pay her back. Meghan doesn't have that kind of money. Lila says, "Great!" and storms off. Lila says that she thought Meghan was going to help her. Meghan says that she is, but Lila doesn't want the kind of help that involves calling their parents. Lila storms out.

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