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Noel makes his way down the hall, tripping over a garbage can. Inside the studio, Felicity puts all of the cans of paint on one table. Noel finally reaches a fire extinguisher. Sparks continue to fly around him. Felicity is still stacking things on the table for some reason. She tries to grab a dropcloth, but manages to spill a bunch of turpentine in the process. Noel gets back to the door and uses the fire extinguisher to put out the flames in front of it. He kicks the door in, and runs in to find Felicity coughing on the floor. He puts out his hand, and she takes it, and follows him out. As they exit the studio, Felicity looks back and sees all of her piñata paintings on fire, but she hurries out behind Noel anyway.

Ben drinks a beer at Epstein Bar. Trevor walks up and orders a beer, then helps himself to Ben's French fries. Trevor asks how Ben did on the exam, and Ben says that he doesn't know. Ben asks how Trevor did, and Trevor claims that he aced it. They laugh. Trevor apologizes for bringing Elena to their study session. Ben claims that he's just stressed out. Trevor tells Ben that he should just call Felicity. Ben says that he's stressed about the exam, not about Felicity, but Trevor seems to know that he's lying. Trevor suggests that they go and see if their exam grades are posted yet, even though they aren't supposed to be up until the next day. Ben agrees to go. Trevor grabs some fries for the road.

Felicity sits glumly on the bumper of a fire truck, her face covered in soot. The red lights of the sirens shine on her face. Nearby, Noel accepts some blankets from a fireman, and hands one to Felicity. He sits next to her and says that the damage was contained on their floor, and that it was probably an electrical fire. Felicity asks if anyone was hurt, and Noel says that he doesn't think so. They sit there sadly for a minute, and then Noel suggests getting out of there. Felicity agrees, but makes no move to go. They both stand up just as snow begins to fall. Felicity looks up and notices that the snow is pink. I guess, because of the fire or something. Felicity says, "I swear, when you least expect it, this city is so beautiful. You could never describe it to someone who wasn't here." Felicity and Noel stand in the street, and stare up at the pink snow falling, looking much less glum.

Ben and Trevor knock on Professor Snark's office door. He answers and asks if he can help them. Ben explains that they wanted to see how they did. Snark invites them in. While he looks for their grades, Trevor makes inane small talk. Snark hands Trevor his exam; he got a 79. Trevor is overjoyed, and compliments the teaching skills of Snark. Ben discovers that he got a 95. Ben stares at the exam, unable to believe it. Trevor points out that Ben got an A. Ben breaks into a broad grin, and the two exit the office. After they leave, Snark allows himself a small smile.

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