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Felicity wanders through the stacks in the library, checking out various books on the shelves. She looks puzzled. She finds Donal Logue sitting in a study carrel. She asks him whether there is actually some order to the books, or if it's a form of freshman hazing. Donal calls Felicity "Miss Lavender Sweater, Army Pants, Big Hair," and says that he's working. He appears distracted and maybe a little crazy. He says that this is his workspace, and she needs to go somewhere else. Felicity thinks he didn't hear her, and explains that she's looking for a book. Donal starts babbling about another outfit, and Felicity realizes that he's talking about Noel. Donal says that he was trying to study while Felicity and Noel were making out during finals. Felicity apologizes, and can't believe that he remembers her. Donal tells her to get lost, and points out that he had to change workspaces because someone else was in his space. Felicity looks to the area he indicates, and sees a man and woman kissing. She realizes that the man in the couple is Blair, and the woman is not Elena. D'oh!

Felicity gets dressed while making a tape to Sally. She tells Sally that, in college, people live their lives right in front of you, and you get to see how they eat and sleep. Felicity pauses and adds, "Meghan sleeps butt naked, by the way." Felicity continues, saying that you see people's relationships and who they are kissing, and suddenly you are in the middle of other people's lives, whether you want to be there or not. Or, you could just mind your own beeswax.

At Dean & Deluca, Felicity asks Noel what he would do if one of his friends saw her kissing another guy. Noel thinks that she kissed another guy, and Felicity explains that it's hypothetical. Noel wants to know who she was kissing. Felicity explains again that it's hypothetical, and asks Noel whether he would want to know. Noel says he wouldn't, and wonders why she even brought it up. Felicity says that she saw Blair kissing some girl at the library. Noel asks, "And it wasn't just a goodbye kiss that was supposed to be on the cheek but just accidentally happened to be on the lips? Because that happened to me and my mom once and it was really awkward." Heh. Noel doesn't think Felicity should tell Elena. Felicity says that if it were her, she would want to know. Noel thinks that getting in the middle of these things can be pretty ugly. He gives Felicity a kiss (on the lips, on purpose), and leaves.

Felicity and Elena get some food at the cafeteria. FVO says there's a reason that there's not a phrase like "Guess what" or "Funny thing" that you can use before saying, "Your boyfriend is cheating on you," because that would make it way too easy just to say it. Elena sits down at the table and bitches about some class. She interrupts herself to ask why Felicity is so quiet. Felicity starts out, "Funny thing..." and then stops. She tries again, and starts explaining how she was in the library looking for a book. Another woman joins them at the table, and Felicity is shocked to realize she's the same woman who was making out with Blair in the library. And this woman clearly knows Elena, since they start talking about some teacher they had in high school. Elena introduces the woman as Tara, Elena's "girl from way back." Tara says that Elena has talked a lot about Felicity, and it's good to put a face to a name. Felicity adds, "Yeah, or a name to a face." Elena and Tara don't notice that weird statement, and start talking about all the weight they've gained.

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