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Felicity and Noel are napping together on Noel's bed when there's a knock at the door. I can't believe they haven't had sex yet. They are napping together. Alone. On his bed. And no sex. And neither of them is like a devout Christian or something. They're not even making out! They're fully clothed! They should have known right then that their relationship was doomed. Anyway, Felicity answers the door to find Elena standing there. Elena softly says that she knows she doesn't have the right to ask much of Felicity right now, but she wonders if Felicity would come out with her for a while. Felicity, still a little asleep, asks what's going on. Elena says that she just needs company right now. Felicity asks for a minute. Elena waits outside, looking like she's about to throw up.

Felicity and Elena sit on a parked car outside the concert, waiting. People start to exit the concert, so Elena sits up and watches more closely. Blair walks out alone. Elena smiles. Not so fast. Tara walks out, and hugs Blair from behind. Blair turns around and kisses her. Definitely not by accident. Elena's face falls as she watches them. As Blair and Tara walk out, we hear Sally's tape to Felicity. Sally says that she hopes it won't destroy Felicity's image of her, but that she cheated on John once. It was six months into their relationship, with an ex-boyfriend, and it made her realize why she broke up with him in the first place and why she loved John so much. Sally says that John never would have found out about it, but Sally felt so guilty about it that she told him. Sally thought that an affair could only destroy a relationship, but from that moment on, she never lied to John again. Sally concludes that sometimes going through hell in a relationship just makes it stronger, and the same might be true of friendships. Elena puts her head down and starts crying. Felicity moves over and puts her arm around Elena. Hey, that shot is in the credits! Elena puts her head on Felicity's shoulder, and we fade out.

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