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Inside the warehouse, a bunch of guys are watching television, smoking, and listening to "That's Amore." Natasha and Noel enter the room. Natasha introduces Noel around, and he gets big kisses and hugs from her family members. Apparently, Natasha told them there was a fire in the dorm and that Noel carried her to safety on his back. Which is funny, because then he did save Felicity from a fire later on. Natasha gets a page and takes off, leaving Noel alone with her family. Noel sits down at the table, where one of Natasha's relatives starts arm-wrestling with him. Noel has these two little humidity curls on either side of his forehead. I used to get those when I parted my hair in the middle and had bangs.

Ben and Julie arrive at Carol Anderson's place. Julie thinks that Carol probably has a maid to answer the door, and then points out that it's the middle of the day, so Carol is probably at work anyway. Ben tells Julie that it's completely normal to be scared. Julie really should have taken those clips out of her hair. Julie says that on Ricki Lake, when daughter and mother meet, they start bawling, and she doesn't want to do that. I know that I also base my life around episodes of Ricki Lake. Julie softly adds that Carol might slam the door in her face. Ben says that there's a pay phone nearby, and she could call first, or Ben could call for her. Julie doesn't know what she would say, because Carol wasn't even looking for her. Ben tells her that she doesn't know that. Julie says that she does, because the adoption agency told her that the only way Julie could look at her records was if Carol was looking for her. Ben doesn't know what to say. Julie decides that she doesn't want to do this, and they leave.

Noel, clearly having had a few shots of liquor, describes how he rescued Natasha from the fire. One of her relatives wants to know how Noel carried her, so Noel stands up and grabs Natasha in a fireman's carry to demonstrate. They all toast Noel's rescue with more liquor. One of the guys forces Noel to eat a sausage or something. Noel pulls Natasha aside and asks where Yuri is. Natasha says that Yuri has jury duty and won't be around until the next day. Noel can't believe that Natasha made his stay there for two hours when she knew Yuri wouldn't be there. Natasha thought Noel was having fun. Noel just stares at his sausage. Heh.

Felicity and Elena lie on Elena's bed and talk about Chemistry class. Tara bursts in and tells them to turn on the radio. Elena protests that they're trying to study, but Tara says that it's "[their] jam." Tara and Blair deserve each other, between the "tripping" and the "jam." Tara turns on the radio and she and Elena start doing a dance routine. Felicity watches them and laughs.

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