Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

At a veterinary clinic, Felicity and Elena wait for Lucky to be checked out. Elena says, "So, are you excited?" Felicity responds, "No, I don't know what to do with him," to which Elena replies, "You can always get another sex book." Ha, ha, they're talking at cross-purposes! That almost never happens on television today. Not. Whatever. Felicity says that she was talking about the dog. Elena informs her that she was too. Then Elena fakely laughs, "No, I'm just kidding." Elena leers at Felicity and talks about scoring. Felicity wonders why Elena is so concerned about her sex life. Elena says, "Because I don't have one, and because this is your first time." Felicity reminds her that it is not her first time. Elena reminds her that it is her first time with a guy she "actually know[s]."

Cut back to Felicity sitting on the end of her bed, dictating a tape. She is telling Sally about the dinner/movie/scoring plans that she had with David, and that the one obstacle was finding a place for Lucky to stay.

Over at Dean & DeLuca, Javier says that he'll take Lucky. But, there's a catch. Actually, there's a cat. Javier's cat. Named Mami. Cut to a shot of a beautiful, white Persian-ish cat in a cage, with Lucky looking at it. Felicity says, "So is she..." Javier shushes her and says, "Mami's mulling it over. She needs time to adjust." David walks in and starts talking to Felicity. Javier shushes them both because "Mami's concentrating." Javier says, "Oh no, look at Mami, she's upset with me. She's insulted that I would even consider this." Felicity states that Mami doesn't look insulted. Javier replies, "She's pissed now, look!" He would know his cat best, but Mami looks pretty placid to me. Felicity dejectedly asks if that means that he doesn't want Lucky. Javier whispers that he does, but Mami doesn't. Mami meows and turns around in her cage. Javier says to Mami, "Look at me when you talk to me!" Felicity gathers up Lucky and whispers, "What am I going to do with you, Lucky?"

Felicity apparently decided what to do with him, because she turns up at the loft in the next scene. Sean answers the door wearing an apron with some kind of oval logo on it. Could it be one for smoothaise? ["It looked like that to me." -- Wing Chun] Felicity gives Sean her sales pitch about needing to find a place for him. but only for a couple of days. Sean readily agrees because he hasn't had a dog since he was ten, which was a "cockapoo" named Hokey. Felicity puts Lucky down and he immediately races over to a laundry basket and fishes out a silky, bright pink item of clothing. Lucky races around with the pink thing in his mouth and runs over a food processor cord, which ends up toppling onto the floor, along with an assortment of bowls and ingredients. Sean declares that this isn't going to work out.

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