Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

Sean has fallen asleep on the sofa in the loft. Julie comes clattering out from her room and wakes him up. Sean says, "Turkey." No Sean, she's a rat. Julie laughs and when he is fully awake she tells him that the "I'm gonna have sex, Jack," line is from 48 Hours. Sean stares meaningfully at Julie's cleavage which is visible through her bathrobe. He asks if her date is there. No, Seven is not there. Sean asks if the date was good. She says that it was okay. It looks like Sean is about to bust a move on Julie when Ben arrives home from an early-morning jog. He asks Sean if they can speak privately. Julie goes back to bed. Ben tells him about Bitchy-TV-Maggie being married. For once, Sean is not in a hurry to give Ben advice about his love life. Ben notices that Sean isn't paying attention. Sean admits to being distracted and promises that he'll talk to Ben later.

The doors of the dorm elevator open and Felicity's voice-over says, "How I became an R.A. who breaks the rules she's supposed to be enforcing, I don't know." Meanwhile, she's carrying in Lucky, who is wrapped in a blanket, but is not at all disguised. She enters her room and puts Lucky down. She notices that Meghan is in the room and launches into a pitch to ask Meghan to look after Lucky for her while she go gets some food for him and to dogsit him that night. Meghan, who has done her hair into Mickey Mouse ear-like buns on the top of her head, agrees without any hassle. It turns out that she has a favour to ask Felicity. She wants to use Felicity's computer ["A product-placed iBook, I might add" -- Kim] and she has already taken the liberty of firing it up to do her "homework," which she says while making quotation marks gestures. All I can see is a yin and yang symbol on the screen. Felicity explains the plan to Lucky and leaves. On her way out, she tells Meghan the dog's name. Meghan replies, "I don't care."

Bitchy-TV-Maggie is waiting for Ben on the street in front of the loft. She's there to tell him that she wants to have an affair with him. Get in line, sister! I kid. ["I don't. Rrrrowr." -- Wing Chun] She explains that the risk is hers and that she won't bore him with the details of her marriage. Do me a favour, hon -- don't bore me with this scene. She hands Ben a swipe card for a hotel room but he thinks it is a credit card. Ben, I love you, but who do you think you are, Julia Roberts? She informs him that it is the key to "room 1125, the Dakota Hotel." Ben stares at her silently. Bitchy-TV-Maggie continues, "And if I don't see you tonight, I will never ask you out again. But, ah, I do hope to see you." Bitchy-TV-Maggie leaves and Ben wishes that he could have spent the afternoon giving attitude to bitchy clothing store salespeople, instead of questioning his morals. ["Don't we all?" -- Wing Chun]

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