Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

Felicity returns to her dorm room with a bag of dog food that is bigger than Lucky, and a stuffed animal. Lucky isn't there and she asks Meghan where he is. Meghan thinks he went for a walk because "he had to go to pee." Felicity yells at Meghan for letting Lucky wander around, and Meghan says that she wasn't going to let him pee in the room. Felicity sets off to look for him and finds him in a room with a bunch of guys who are giving him beer. Felicity yells at them and gives them the stank-eye as she leaves with Lucky.

The closed captioning indicates that "sexy Latin music" is playing and we get a shot of a lamp. ["It's from Boogie Nights, but I don't know the name of the song because it's not actually on either of the movie's two soundtracks. Yes, I have them both, because I am a dork." -- Wing Chun] Then we see Ben twiddling the key card in his fingers.

Then we see Ben using his key one minute, then grappling with Bitchy-TV-Maggie the next minute. The "sexy Latin music" continues as Ben pulls her top over her head, revealing her black bra, and a butterfly tattoo at the base of her spine. Bitchy-TV-Maggie divulges that it is not her only tattoo. Yeah, don't forget that 666 that's underneath your hair. They topple out of view on to the bed.

Felicity is back at David's, which still doesn't have any drawn window coverings, grappling with him while they both kneel on the bed. Her voice-over states that she couldn't find a place for Lucky, which she had interpreted as an omen that she shouldn't have sex. The fact that you have doubts about sleeping with David isn't reason enough for you, Felicity? She says that Elena insisted on keeping the dog so that Felicity could do the nasty with David.

Back at Elena and Knoll's apartment, Lucky is chewing a hole in the sofa. Knoll arrives and pitches a hissy, and states that his "trachea is in the process of closing." It's hard to believe that Knollstrills has a breathing problem what with the Hoover-like capabilities of his nose. Elena lies and tells him that Felicity is at the library. Then, Lucky pees on Knoll's little 3-D house model. Good eye, pup. Elena asks him, "Did you want that house to have a pool?" Good one, Elena.

Cut to further semi-nekkid David and Felicity grappling. A beeping noise is heard and David says, "This condom has an alarm on it." I guess it sounds a warning when your partner doesn't actually want to have sex with you. Felicity tells him that it's her beeper. He wants her to ignore it but she says that it is only for emergencies. She sees that it's Elena, so she calls her. She ends up speaking to Knoll who tells her that Lucky bit him. Again, good eye, pup. Knoll figures out that she isn't at the library but is at David's place. She tells him that she'll come over even though he tells her that she doesn't have to. David is obviously annoyed. Felicity apologizes.

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