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Gimme An O!

I really should make a macro that just says, "Felicity sits in her dorm room, making a tape to Sally. She tells Sally that..."

Felicity sits in her dorm room, making a tape to Sally. She tells Sally that being in California was great for the first two weeks. Cut to Felicity getting off the elevator in her dorm, carrying a suitcase. FVO says that after two weeks, she felt a need to get back to New York because that's where her life is. Felicity walks down the hall and spots Knoll arguing with Richard and Richard's heretofore-unseen roommate. FVO says that there was one reason in particular why she wanted to get back, as she gazes lovingly at Knoll. Knoll agrees with Richard that having an old dried-out Christmas tree in your dorm room is a fire hazard. Richard's roommate says that he usually keeps his trees until February. I can't imagine that there would be any needles left on it at that point. In fact, I don't know if it would qualify as a tree anymore. It's really just a branch. Knoll spots Felicity and smiles. Knoll rules that he's going to toss the tree. Richard is happy. Richard's roommate argues that throwing out the tree will put "a hex" on him and his family. What kind of crazy superstitions does his family subscribe to? I've never heard of that one. Knoll solves the problem by breaking off a branch and handing it to Richard's roommate. Richard and his roommate are both appeased, and walk off.

Felicity has reached Knoll at this point, and they stare at each other, grinning. Knoll comments, "So that's what you look like," which is kind of a weird first thing to say if you think about it. Like wouldn't he say, "God, I've missed you," or even, "You are a sight for sore eyes." Instead, it sounds like he forgot what she looked like, which to me implies that he didn't look at her that much before the break or something. They walk into Knoll's room and Knoll shuts the door. Felicity takes off her coat. They quickly say how happy they are to see each other, and then start kissing. Knoll says how great Felicity smells, like I guess his giant Knollstrils are super-sensitive to scent or something, since that's the second time he's said that in two episodes. Knoll starts clearing off his bed so they can sit down. Felicity notices that Knoll has a new iMac and says that "noelcrane.com has hit the big time." I'm not exactly sure how Knoll's getting a new computer affects his website, because it's not like he's hosting the site on his own computer, and I don't think you could host a site on an iMac anyway, but I'm going to shut up now before I turn into an even bigger nerd. Knoll brags about how fast his Mac is. Wow, he's a bigger nerd than I am. Felicity interrupts Knoll's nerdspeak to announce that she's decided something. Knoll picks up his iMac for some reason and tries to guess, and most of his guesses center upon Felicity deciding that she doesn't think they should date each other. Felicity decisively says that she thinks they should have sex. Knoll drops the iMac on the floor.

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