Gimme An O!

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Gimme An O!

As Knoll and Felicity continue kissing, we hear Sally's tape to Felicity. SVO says that she's been thinking of how Felicity must be feeling: "All that anticipation and uncertainty, all that wondering what it's going to be like." Felicity and Knoll get food together in the cafeteria, and then join Ben and Julie at a table. SVO says that her first time happened when she was a freshman at Brown, with a guy she met at a party. Sally doesn't regret that night, but she knows something now that she didn't know then. Elena and Blair join the others at the table, and Elena is wearing Blair's gift in the proper place -- as a headband. SVO says she now knows that our best decisions come from listening to ourselves, which is what Felicity has done. SVO concludes that no matter what Felicity decides, she should feel very proud. The camera pans out on the three couples laughing and talking at the cafeteria table.

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