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Gimme An O!

Felicity tells Sally that this sex decision might seem out of the blue, but it's something she's been thinking about for a long time. As Felicity walks around the cafeteria, looking at all the couples, FVO says that she thinks her decision might be because everyone else in college seems to be "doing it." FVO says that she often thinks, "That girl? She has sex. She does, too. He has sex with her. Those two? Definitely have sex all the time." FVO concludes that everyone is having sex except her.

Julie and Felicity talk in the classroom before class begins. Julie says that her parents handled the news about Krakow really, really well. Felicity says that she was looking forward to getting back to school, and Julie agrees. Ben walks in and says hello. Felicity says that she met Ben's father over the break, and that he seemed nice. Ben replies, "Yeah, well, he makes a good first impression." Felicity asks Ben what he ended up doing over the break, and Ben says that he went to Vermont, of all places, because Sean's friend has a house outside Stowe. Ben asks Julie, "How you doin'?" in a very Joey Tribbiani manner. Julie says she's great, and Ben walks off to find a seat. Felicity had her head down during that exchange, so she didn't see the major vibes between Julie and Ben. Felicity comments that it's weird to come back, because it's like they never left. Julie looks like she wants to tell Felicity something, and then thinks better of it.

Knoll talks to Felicity while she works at Dean & Deluca. He wants to be sure that he heard her correctly the day before (about the sex). Knoll asks when she was thinking this should happen. Felicity says that it would be great if he got tested for HIV first. Knoll happily agrees. Felicity clarifies that she doesn't think he's positive, and Knoll understands. Felicity says that she would offer to get tested herself, but she's never...she kind of trails off, here. And, truth be told, just because she's never had sex or shared needles doesn't necessarily mean that she's HIV-negative. I mean, it's highly unlikely, but it could happen. Then again, given that the show is named after her, probably not. Knoll says that he's "very enthusiastic about this whole endeavor." Felicity nods and Knoll runs out to get tested.

Blair gives Elena a gift for being so cute. Wow, I totally forgot that Blair was still in the picture. That's what happens when you take two weeks off between recaps. Elena immediately wonders what he's hiding, because Elena is mistrustful when people are nice to her. Blair tells her to open the gift. Elena pulls out a band of material that I would probably think is a tube top, but Elena clearly has no idea what it is. Blair babbles that he thought it was "so Elena," and he had to get it for her. Elena thanks Blair for the gift, and then gives him a kiss. Blair comments that he can't wait for her to wear it. Elena giggles as Blair leaves, then looks at the gift, trying to figure out what the hell it is.

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