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Gimme An O!

Felicity and Elena walk down the street together. Felicity has apparently just told Elena about her sex plans, and says that she's only asking Elena because she has "such experience." Elena thinks that Felicity and Knoll should have been "going at it a long time ago." Felicity says that she's a slow starter. Elena offers a tip: "Be the ball." Felicity doesn't get it, so Elena adds, "Focus on the ball." Felicity replies, "Which ball are we talking about, exactly?" Hee! Elena says that it's a golf thing she saw in an infomercial, and that it means that you should forget about everything else and just focus. Felicity says, "On the ball?" Elena replies, "On him!" and exhorts Felicity to forget about food or homework, and then compares it to a Chemistry final. Elena demonstrates how Felicity should pretend that she has "blinders on, like a racehorse," by putting her hands up on either side of her face. Felicity follows suit. Elena advises Felicity to take control right away and keep it going, by saying, "I am the ball." Felicity quietly repeats, "I am the ball." They both take their hands down, and Felicity guesses that Elena and Blair have an amazing sex life. That reminds Elena of the gift, so she pulls it out of her bag. Felicity guesses that it's a really short skirt. Elena wonders whether it's a top. Felicity advises her to ask Blair. Elena thinks it's too late, since she already said that she loved it, and that it would crush him. Felicity says that never stopped Elena before, and Elena says that she likes Blair. They start walking again, and Elena reminds Felicity, "Eye on the ball. And sexy underwear never hurt."

Felicity is on the phone in her dorm room, ordering some items from the Victoria's Secret catalog. Specifically, she orders the Patricia bra, and asks the order-taker what she thinks as far as color, since "someone else is going to be seeing it." The order-taker suggests black, which Felicity worries might be "too much." Just then Meghan walks in, so Felicity quickly says that she's going to look in the store instead, and hangs up. Meghan says that she heard about Felicity's "plan to bone the RA." Felicity is astounded, and asks Meghan who told her that. Meghan heard it from the mailroom guy, and that everybody knows. Meghan then notices that Felicity has a copy of Gimme an O; she exclaims that it was her favorite book in eighth grade, and starts reminiscing about page forty-six. Okay, now I'm really curious as to what's on page forty-six. Felicity looks ashamed as Meghan asks whether Felicity wants some sex advice. Felicity doesn't, so Meghan leaves. Felicity picks up Gimme an O and starts reading.

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