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Gimme An O!

At a very busy Dean & Deluca, Felicity begs Javier to give her the night off. Javier isn't having it. Felicity says that it's important. Javier asks whether it's about a guy. Felicity replies, "What if it is?" Javier insists, "Well, tell him to come here and enjoy a double mocha." Felicity whispers that she and this guy need to be alone. Javier asks whether she thinks it's a national holiday every time she gets lucky. Felicity struggles for the words to explain why this is "a very unique situation for [her]." She's so worked up that she incorrectly used a modifier on unique. Jed Bartlet would be horrifed. Javier realizes that it's Felicity's first time, and although Javier says that he doesn't believe in premarital sex, he agrees to take her shift. But he wants details later. Felicity thanks him and rushes out.

In Julie's dorm room, Ben recites a line of poetry, and then tells Julie, "Walt Whitman rocks." I disagree, but at least he didn't say Jack Kerouac. Then again, Ben seems like the Jack Kerouac type. Julie giggles and says that she thought Ben hated poetry, but Ben says that he understands Walt Whitman. Ben continues to read lines. Julie says she loves this. Ben says that it is pretty good. Julie clarifies that she meant hanging out with him, not the poetry. Ben says that's what he meant, too. They laugh.

Knoll and Felicity enter a really nice hotel room. Felicity thinks that the room is amazing. They look at each other and giggle. Knoll leans over and kisses Felicity, who says that she's glad they're doing this, and thanks Knoll. They stare at the bed some more. Knoll suggests drinking some champagne. Felicity gets excited about the mini-bar. Knoll can't believe she's going to open it, like, lighten up, Knoll. Felicity says that her parents never let her open the mini-bar, and offers to treat. Knoll lightens up now that he doesn't have to pay, and takes a soda. They toast to "better luck the second time around." Mmm, Coke in the glass bottles. Felicity says that it's going to be good, but it's more like she's trying to convince herself than Knoll.

Ben packs up his things to leave Julie's room, and asks Julie whether she's sure that she doesn't want to come back to the loft with him. Julie thinks that Sean hates her. Ben explains about the "no live-in girlfriend" rule. Julie says that she still wants to stay in her own room, and thanks Ben for everything. They hug for a little too long. Julie pulls away, and they stare at each other for a while. Julie's phone rings, and Ben takes off so that she can answer it. Ben pauses in the doorway, looks back at Julie, and then takes off.

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