Great Expectations (1)

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Great Expectations (1)

Felicity walks down the street, and then she's in a restaurant with her father. Her dad says her mom won't forgive him for telling Felicity about their separation. Felicity says she talked to her mom on the phone, and didn't let on that she knew, so her mom can tell her when she gets there. Felicity also apologizes for what she said previously. Her dad asks her how the library was last night, and Felicity says it was okay, and that she got a lot of studying done. In a voice-over, she says she didn't want to tell her dad about the pool, or "that I'm in trouble, because he's in trouble too. I guess we both are." Then it says "To Be Continued," as if all of these episodes aren't continuations of the previous ones. It's just a lame marketing attempt to get you to watch next week's super-special episode.

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