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Great Expectations (1)

Julie tells Elena she should be working on the telescope because she is pre-med. Elena points out that she uses microscopes, not telescopes, and refrains from adding, "Duh!" which I totally would have done. Felicity asks Elena what she is doing, and Elena shows her the stuffed animal she is making for her cousin's friend. Julie points out that the "frog thing" only has three legs. Elena already knew that. Meghan walks in and says, "Oh, a telescope. So, you're going back to stalking?" She pauses, and then adds, "By the time I get back, my bed better be empty." Then she leaves. I hope that Amanda Foreman makes good money playing Meghan, because she was just more interesting in two minutes of screen time than Julie has been all season. Felicity says that having her dad there, coupled with not getting into the oil painting class, has thrown off all her plans for the semester. Being the anal-retentive type, I know just what she means.

Meghan and Felicity are asleep in their room. The phone rings, but neither of them moves. The answering machine comes on and someone from the Dean's Office starts leaving a message for Felicity. This motivates Felicity to pick up the phone, and we can tell from her end of the conversation that her father called to try to get her into the oil painting class, but she's still not in. Felicity hangs up and then gives an exasperated sigh.

Ben is swimming. Mmm, Ben swimming. He gets out of the pool and towels off. Mmm, Ben towelling off. The swimming coach comes up and Ben asks him when the schedule will be posted. The coach says there isn't going to be a schedule because the university dropped the swimming program. Can they do that? Right in the middle of the year? Wouldn't they have known the budget in advance? Why do I look for things like consistency and logic in television programs? Anyway, the coach then says he tried to place the swimmers in other programs like "Columbia and Syracuse." Hey, that was clearly a shout-out to me! I live in Syracuse! He could have said any of dozens of other universities that are less than five hours from New York City. The coach tells Ben he's sorry and wishes him luck.

Cheesy Eric the record label guy is going over Julie's contract. There is just something about this guy that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because his mouth is always slightly open. Anyway, he tells Julie that the label will cover the costs of recording three demos, which never happens in real life. Julie says she thought she would still be playing at Epstein Bar when she is seventy-five. Eric assures her...wait, does anyone really care about their lame, semi-flirtatious banter? This whole scene is so stupid, and these two have zero chemistry. Suffice it to say that Julie doesn't know how to thank Eric, and he suggests dinner. Julie clearly wants to say no, but doesn't quite know how to do it without acting weird, so she agrees to go.

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